my general, beyond-tech job application, with some emphasis on "Go Russia!"

I sent the Russia Insider application in June, 2023. I did not get a reply; I suppose I should try again. In August, 2023, I tried a new path. Before I publish that, I'll wait to see what happens.

Application 1 - Russia Insider

This is the volunteer link I mention just below.

email version

Hi David,

I'm not sure I can volunteer with Russia Insider because I have gotten into an absurd work situation. I have some great skills, though, that I've been comically unable to exploit. Pro-Russians may be the right people to connect me. I am a very experienced web and database developer and Linux sysadmin, and I have done a lot of other tech stuff. If I get a (better) job, then I can volunteer. Also, below, I have another idea on immediately volunteering / trading.

My first problem is that I am a serious night owl. I will not work 9am - 5pm hours unless there is an end in sight. I live near Atlanta (Eastern Time); my ideal job start time would be 11pm or midnight ET. I might live with a start time of 4pm - 4am ET. Somewhere in there would be perfect for interacting with Moscow, and even better with Delhi, Tokyo, or Sydney. So far I have been unable to figure out how to make King of the Night Owls work. European / Asian / Australian contacts are possible solutions.

For another solution, I would literally work for food and a bunk. My career proves I'm not motivated by money. I am not married, have no children, and can otherwise move anywhere and take some risks. It would be a minor miracle to find the right situation for a room and board trade, but all I can do is ask.

After being a night owl, the next problems are that I won't work for the US Government, state governments, (US) defense contractors, Big Evil Goo(gle), SatanSoft (MicroSoft), Rothschild banks, "health care," etc., for reasons I don't have to explain to you. That eliminates a large part of the economy, of course. I would consider working for the Russian government, Russian defense contractors, and / or moving to Russia. I don't know a whit of Russian, but I would hope I'm in the 70th - 85th percentile of ability to learn, perhaps a bit more. I can see myself getting very motivated to learn quickly, if I find the right contacts.

Continuing in tech would be the obvious choice, but I might have talent in information warfare / (counter) propaganda. I might have it in me to become a columnist or something of the sort, but now I'm speculating and should stop while I'm hopefully ahead.

On my website, I'm going to more fully answer your job application questionnaire, so I have more space and can use the information for other cases. My website is Kwynn dot com and is registered with Big Evil Goo Search. At the moment, my application link is on the fourth line of my home page, and it's called "My generic / beyond tech job application, with an emphasis on 'Go Russia!'"

Hopefully you have some ideas for me.

Thank you! Go Russia!


job application answers

My contact info is on my resume.

You ask a question about general ideas, and I have some thoughts on Skype and related products. I will use Skype, but my ID isn't useful at this point because I'd have to know to log in. For that matter, I don't think it's installed right now. I have used Ubuntu Linux exclusively since 2014. Last I checked, Skype will run on Linux, but Skype is owned by SatanSoft, known to the shod, masked, vaxxed zombies as MicroSoft. WhatsApp is owned by DARPA Lifelog know them them as Facebook. Viber is proprietary. There are probably peer-to-peer, free and open source alternatives. This is the sort of thing I'd like to help move us towards, and away from Big Evil. I can at least research, and I could help build stuff for room and board if need be. I have related ideas in my "freedom software" article, and there are more ideas where that came from.

Social media and such:

  • In part because I'm busy with job-hunting, I haven't decided whether I want to delete my DARPA Lifelog / Facebook account. I put a picture on there for very specific reasons in 2018, and those reasons got me nowhere. I am irritated that I posted the picture, but I haven't had the debate with myself on removing it. I almost never use Lifelog.
  • I have some degree of profile on SatanSoft's LinkedIn. Obviously I haven't invested in my profile.
  • There is somewhat more activity on my Gab profile.
  • For tech folk, my SatanSoft Github repos may be of interest.

The above was pretty disgusting, other than Gab. We need to get away from these mass murdering demon worshipers.

To add a bit of privacy / obfuscation, I was born in roughly 1973, so I'm 49 in 2023. I'm in pretty good shape. I'm not quite athletic, but close.

I'm near Atlanta on Eastern Time, but, as I said, I don't want to work during Eastern Time's business hours.

I'm a native English speaker / American. The immediate answer on other languages is none.

I had 3 years of French in high school, but I'm not useful right now. Back in the day, I could read, write and speak to a reasonable degree. I didn't get to the point of listening. I could pick it up faster than other languages, though.

jobs I'm interested in - including creating a job description

creating a description

Many sites, including news sites, should structure their sites from their ideological ground up, and then integrate information. (I have most certainly not done this on my own site yet.) Bunches of headlines / stories don't integrate knowledge. The "latest" should be a separate page. I had to dig a bit to find Russia Insider's Hitler material. In the case of Russia Insider, that and its context is foundational: the whole story of J----- Bolshevism, their mass murders, Big Lies slandering the Nazis, etc. That should be easier to find and hierarchically organized. Similarly, Russian music, art, culture, etc. should be rolled up into culture and then split up.

As another way of stating my thought: think of a fractal image. "News" articles usually add a bit of data 6 levels down the fractal. A site should show the top level image first, and then allow users to drill down. I have heard that the Goo Tube user (long since kicked off) NeoTriesToWarnYou said that whites and Asians lose "the great game" because they lose the forest for the trees, while J--- always have the forest in mind. A website should keep the forest in mind.

I haven't thought this entirely through, but I hope that's a sketch.

addressing the job description list

Here are my interests, from your list:

writer / journalist - I'd like to think I could do this. See what you think of my site, although the effort that has gone into various parts varies widely. Even when I've put in a lot of effort, I've often to had to settle in order to get something up. If I were paid even in room and board, I hope I could come up with better or much better.

headline writing and copy editing - yes

news scanner - yes

scholarly articles editor - I think so

multi-media: I can resize / crop photos both in terms of resolution and quality / file size. I would probably be some use at video and audio "stuff." I don't have much experience, but I might be good at it.

voiceover / dubbing - Sometimes people tell me I have the voice for such things. We'll hopefully talk soon; then you can decide.

I am mostly a web application developer, so I can help with sites. Obviously I am no sort of visual artist. However, I can usually implement an artistic vision if it's handed to me.

Yes, I would consider all sorts of work, beyond this list.

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