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Russia - coat of arms

We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy. -- JFK

JFK was not referring to the Soviets. The ruthless conspiracy continues. Ukraine has again become a "captured operation"--captured by the same ruthless enemy. When Russia started the Pre-Spring Housecleaning Operation of 2022, I got tears in my eyes: it's the first time in my life I've seen anyone's military openly sent against (((the enemy))).

Before the Russian Pre-Spring Housecleaning of 2022, Ukraine's per capita income was 2 - 3 times less than Russia's. After the fall of the USSR, the usual locusts re-invaded both Russia and Ukraine. Boris Yeltsin made some attempt to defeat Churchill for the drunk, nominal leader who did the most damage to his country, but Putin reversed Yelsin's damage. Putin acts in the rational self-interest of Russia. Ayn Rand taught there is never conflict among rational individuals. Putin is rational in the Randite sense. By contrast, the West is run by mass-murdering, Satan-worshiping ultra-villains, aka the usual suspects, (((them))), or (((the enemy))). To continue the contrast between Russia and Ukraine:

As Putin fought them, the usual suspects made Ukraine poorer and otherwise preyed on them. Ukrainian girls are shipped to Israel and other parts of the Middle East as sex slaves. When they are used up, they have all their organs removed. When the Russian army went into the city of Izyum, Russian soldiers found organ-harvested children. The US built dozens of bioweapon labs in Ukraine. They needed a Slavic population to refine their genetically targeted weapons. (For sex slaves and organ harvestees, see Harris below. Some or most of my citations are at the bottom.)

The more or less literal Wicked Witch of the East Hillary Clinton added chapters. She had quite the body count as Secretary of State--she added Syria and Libya to the ongoing list of destruction. That scale of destruction in the Ukraine took a few more years. (I wish the witch title was sarcasm, but it is very deadly serious and sourced below by Czebotar.)

Victoria Nuland was a US State Department official under Clinton. Nuland is a member of the usual suspects as cited above. Nuland may have had something to do with Maidan Revolution of late 2013 (sarcasm). The somewhat more explicit demon-worshipers took over Ukraine then. Donetsk and Luhansk moved to join their fellow Russian speakers and rational, nationalist leadership. The Ukrainians responded by killing 13,000 of them through early 2022. During that time the Ukes "elected" an open member of the the usual suspects as their President.

Ukraine has been seeking NATO membership, hosting bioweapons labs, perhaps seeking nuclear weapons, and otherwise showing every sign of trying to become a substantial threat to Russia. The US body count in "foreign affairs" is rather high over the last 177 years, since the Mexican-American War. It's enormous if you add the huge contributions the US made directly and indirectly in support of the USSR and Red China. The US is a tool of the usual mass-murdering suspects. Russia has every reason to be concerned, so they are finally putting a stop to it.

"Foreign affairs" now extends to "vaccine" bioweapons. (The notion that the Western "vaccines" are deadly is almost mainstream now.) Russia used the Sputnik vaccine. I don't know what's in it, but I have hope that it's very different from the Western "vaccines." Ukrainians got Western and Chinese "vaccines."

Christianity has declined in Ukraine. In the West, there are any manner of vast shortcomings with the self-proclaimed Christian leadership, but the Chosen find it important to drive people entirely away from the Christian label, whether the label is accurate or not. The Orthodox Church may be relatively clean of Satanic influence versus Western churches, so the decline in Ukraine is even worse. Also, I get the impression that "gay rights" are becoming a big thing in Ukraine. The most charitable thing to say about "gay rights" are they are a Trojan Horse towards normalizing pedophilia and other destruction.

Contrast this to the most efficient prison sentences in the history of the world, for the members of "Pussy Riot" in Russia. Maria Alyokhina and Nadya Tolokonnikova spent 22 months in prison. Yekaterina Samutsevich spent 7 months. The usual Western chorus--governments, non-profits, churches--screeched, so the Russians must be right. I would hope that such a sentence didn't destroy their lives, assuming they "got a life" afterwards, but the prison time may have gone a long way to stopping various forms of "woke" from getting much worse in Russia.

Then add Joe Biden to the mix. Stunningly, the Wall Street Journal has Biden's infamous quote at the Council on Foreign Relations (a main club of (((theirs)))) where he blackmails the Ukrainians not to prosecute Hunter. FTX money went through Ukraine to US Democrats. Iranian money returned to them by Obama then went through Ukraine. These are other indications of Ukraine being a major crime hub.

In short, before the Russian Housecleaning, the usual suspects were destroying Ukraine AGAIN, decades after communism / the Holodomor. They are doing the same thing there they do everywhere else. The "breakaway" republics wanted none of it, so the Ukrainians started killing them, as usual. Russia and the West brokered the Minsk accords, allegedly to stop the violence, but Merkel admitted a few weeks ago that the Minks Protocols were a stalling tactic.

As for after the start of Housecleaning:

Especially in late 2022 Russian officials spoke of fighting Satanism. They sure are, just like the coat of arms!

Note how the ADL has decided that the fake-Nazi Azov Battalion are, in essence, good Nazis. The ADL is an infallible indicator of whose side one should be on: the opposite of theirs.

Russia took 10 months to substantially damage power and other infrastructure. That was the initial or main attack of the US in Iraq and Serbia; the US did it on day one, not after 10 months of hoping for a peaceful settlement. The West has zero interest in a peaceful settlement. As the saying goes, the US will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.

Along with other housecleaning, Russia may wind up destroying the petro-Dollar and hopefully a bunch of other J-dominated-Western financial fakery / slavery as opposed to real economic activity. (Wall Street versus Main Street.)

It is very sad to see Russians dying and somewhat sad to see Ukrainians dying at a high ratio, but the Ukrainians should have turned on their foreign overlords a long time ago. Russia encouraged them to do so at the start.

In summary, Russia had a number of very good reasons for housecleaning. They show other signs of opposing the usual suspects. They are the good guys. Go Russia! Live up to your coat of arms! Slay the dragon!

a few more words on Azov Battalion and "de-Nazification"

It is fun to see Russia club the ADL and company with the Azov Battalion. Driving ADL to the point where they have to declare Azov to be good Nazis is LOL material. On the other hand, Azov aren't any sort of Nazis; they are on the wrong side to be Nazis. In my aforementioned article on (((the enemy))), I discuss Nazis. It is worth repeating here that my mother is genetically one of the usual suspects. With that as background, it would be great if Russia would condemn the Soviet government and recognize the original Nazis (1940s) as liberators.

revised commentary on the Sputnik vaccine

When I posted this in February, 2023, I speculated that the Sputnik vaccine is actually saline or something harmless or beneficial. My language was more optimistic in the original. This is my June 1, 2023 revision. This Russia Insider article was not encouraging on the point. I've also seen references recently that Russia bought Sputnik from the usual Western sources. I still have hope on this point, though. What Russia bought is not necessarily what was injected. (((They))) used every bit of their power to force uniformity across almost the entire world. There is no telling how dire the threats were for non-conformity. Russia's buying something from (((them))) may have been a stalling tactic.

I have not seen reports on Sputnik's effects. I would think that Rense would report on this if Sputnik were remotely as bad as the "Western" stuff. On the other hand, that might not cross various language and other barriers for a number of reasons.


For background, I started this document and then realized I need to get into the JQ as a separate document.

Perhaps I should say that Kennedy was not only referring to the Soviets, and, by that point, the Soviets were not the leadership of the conspiracy, only a subsidiary. Perhaps it could be argued that Soviets were fighting the same conspiracy by that point. I am always anti-communist, but the 1960s Soviets were not killing a high percentage of the population like the Soviets were from 1917 through Stalin's era.

It's hard to approach Churchill if you isolate that contest to infamous drunkard "leaders." Churchill is one of the great snakes of history. Thankfully Yeltsin's attempt turned out to be feeble.

Yes, Ayn Rand was one of the Chosen. There are various attempts to argue she gave weight to (((their))) side, but I don't see it that way at all. For one, Rand was one of the most convincing anti-communists. Her philosophy is solidly on the right side. I have come to disagree with her atheism, but there is something to be said for contsructing a philosophy of the good without concepts that are difficult to prove.

There is a theory that when Trump kept calling "Covid" the "China virus" he was actually referring to the "Chyna virus." Chynadiieve is a city in Ukraine. I hope it's becoming undisputed that US bioweapons labs in Ukraine were working on such "viruses," perhaps including a lab in "Chyna," Ukraine.

On the other hand: RFK Jr. released a book: The Real Anthony Fauci (audio version), November 16, 2021. (I'm sure there is a paper version and most likely an ebook version.) Ron Unz reviewed the book. Unz wrote another closely related article perhaps 2 weeks before or after that one. I've only read Unz's 2 articles. Based on Unz, RFK Jr., perhaps oversimplifying, argues that viruses are non-causal and perhaps non-correlative. To use my own words, the concept of a virus is fake.

Thus, I'm not sure I can get worked up over bioweapons labs when the vast evidence is that "Covid-19" and AIDS at least, are fake. Similarly, I wonder whether they are actually close to genetically targeted weapons, or is the whole field fake? Fake or they are not getting anywhere. Perhaps the "biolabs" were used for something else.

"'This conflict will fundamentally change Russia': A young Muscovite explains why he volunteered to fight Ukraine RT speaks with a soldier who quit a cushy IT job to become a drone operator in Donbass." 1 Feb, 2023 17:31. "...Nikita Vlasenko-Irsetsky, a native Muscovite. Just a year ago, he was a successful product manager at an IT company..." That was a moving read. Good for him!


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