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a brief history of earth - a long view of "The JQ"

Usage note: for several years I've seen the use of triple parentheses to refer to referents of the JQ. That is, (((they))) are the leadership of the negative path (evil) as defined below. I also use (((the enemy))) or "the usual suspects."

JFK said "we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy." That conspiracy goes back thousands or tens of thousands of years, perhaps many more, depending on which accounts are true. I get a bit annoyed at people who think it began in 2015 or 2001 or the 1960s. In 2017 I read an account of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil written in 21st century English. Before that, I had a pretty good idea that this movement / ideology / network of organizations / "conspiracy" was very, very old. I had some idea who, what, when, where, and how. I could never understand "why?" Power and money aren't explanation enough. Also, I didn't understand how the various tentacles were so thorough over thousands of years. Then I read the Hidden_Hand dialog (HH). I tend to think HH was the pure truth, so I tell part of his story.

You don't have to believe this part of it. Further down I address undisputed history and / or history that makes a lot more sense from another point of view.

The Garden of Eden

You, the reader, do not have to believe what HH said. One can come at the "conspiracy" from several directions. I will try to do so further down.

Yahweh (Jehovah / God of the Old Testament / Genesis) had built an idyllic physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental life for Adam and Eve--a Garden. The couple could literally not conceive of evil. To explain the problem Yahweh was having, HH introduces the concept of spiritual densities which are the reverse of physical density. Rocks are first density: the mineral kingdom. Plants and animals are 2nd density. On earth, human bodies are 3rd density and native Earth human souls are 3rd density. (Many physical humans are not native earth souls but "Wanderers.")

He also introduces the concept of a group soul or social memory complex. Our individual souls are real, but we are all members of a group soul. Yahweh (Y) and the children of Yahweh are one in the same. The purpose of 3rd density is for the group soul to decide between good and evil and thus ascend to 4th density. "The Rapture" is one way of expressing that.

Fourth density begins a split between the positive and negative paths of ascension. Fourth density positive (good) could be described as Heaven, and 4th density negative as Hell.

At the time of the Garden, Yahweh (Y) had a problem. The First Couple were laying around full, dumb, and happy. (There were not literally only two people, but the metaphor is good enough.) They couldn't conceive of evil, so they had no basis to make the choice. They weren't getting anywhere spiritually, which meant neither was Y. Y was going to spend a few billion years going nowhere, so he called for help. Y is only the logos (god) of earth, or perhaps only a portion of earth. The universe is a distributed system. To paraphrase both HH and a physicist from What the Bleep Do We Know?, the universe is a daydream in the mind of the One Infinite Creator. All is part of the Creator. You and I are a series of decisions / daydreams. We are each very real as individuals but still part of the One. Then there are galaxy level logos and star system level and then planetary level. (I suspect there are more local levels, but that is my own speculation.)

One point being that Y could get help within the solar system. There are beings up to 8th density in the solar system. They were involved, but group soul LUCIFER came to earth as earth's first (management) consultant. At the time, Lucifer (L) was a sixth density positive being--a physically low-density light being: an angel. Lucifer grew up on Venus--the morning star, the light bringer, the shining one, that which precedes the sun. (WikiPedia uses most of these names. WikiP is great until it gets you killed with a "Covid" "vaccine" or some such.)

Lucifer reviewed the situation and made his report. He told Y that Y had not delegated enough free will to the couple--they could not conceive of evil, etc. Lucifer offered to teach humans about good and evil and get things moving. (As an aside, in John Galt's speech, Ayn Rand describes the situation in the Garden almost identically, even though she was an atheist and coming from a very different direction.) Y agreed and boasted to L that his children would still love him when the lessons were done. (Some of these events happened somewhat later; I'm approximating and going with various Biblical metaphors.)

L gave his lessons. A certain racial / ethnic group were Lucifer's star (pun) pupils; they lapped up the notion of service to self ("evil"). I'll come back to them, over and over. That battle / drama is ongoing.

L finished his lessons and prepared to take his leave. Y was wroth, however. "What did you do to them?! They are worshiping the Golden Calf and Moloch and Remphan! I demand a refund!" (Yes, yes, the Golden Calf came much later. Again, I'm being loose because it's a metaphor, although an accurate one.)

Y blocked L from leaving earth. Both sides appealed to the higher-density powers. Earth had its first contract dispute over its first contractor. The higher powers gave L a choice. L could leave, but Y would backslide and L would have accomplished nothing. Humans would go back to full, dumb, and happy. Or, L could stay, with a number of conditions.

Lucifer's (L's) thoughts: "We didn't want to leave, we found them [humans] very likable Beings, really Positively Polarized, and we wanted to stay and help." If L stayed, though, they couldn't be going around doing miracles and glowing and such. Thus, Lucifer "fell" back into 3rd density bodies. To skip ahead, Hidden_Hand (HH) is a member of group soul LUCIFER. That's his quote on humans. HH said, "If you were to meet me walking down the street, I would appear just as human as you do." I take it he didn't walk down human streets very often, though. He hinted he spent most of his time underground, which I suspect was literally underground.

We reincarnate per HH and several major religions. There is also a rather large body of evidence of this. To me, it's not a "belief"; there is vast evidence, and it makes the most sense. I'm not certain one has to believe this, though. Lucifer has been reincarnating along with humans for a very long time. If you want to see them as a family that has maintained its identity for that long, rather than reincarnating, that is close enough.

Lucifer's mission was not to push evil, at least not exactly. It was to present the constant temptation yet always leaving room for choice. It is a free will universe. Lucifer's mission lasted at least through the much-ballyhooed northern hemisphere winter solstice of 2012. (The HH dialog was written in October, 2008.) If Lucifer's contract expired then, he said that others were "waiting in the wings" to take their place. Also, the humans who chose the negative path cause plenty of trouble without L's help. Those humans still worship Moloch and Baal and Remphan. I now tend to think such entities are very real, but it doesn't necessarily matter what you believe. THEY believe it.

Satan's chosen people and the calculus of evil

I will become more concrete in a moment. You don't have to believe the "spiritual" part of this, and I'm coming to an end of that part soon.

Lucifer's mission is / was not precisely to push evil, but his star pupils made the decision to push evil. The pupils chose the negative path of ascension.

The pupils are motivated by what I call the "calculus of evil." Put one way, maximum evil means convincing as many people as possible to follow the the evildoer's agenda as willingly as possible. One does not advance along either the positive or negative path of ascension by violating free will. To be evil, that agenda must damage its followers.

To skip ahead many thousands of years, a perfect example of the calculus of evil is the "Covid" "vaccine." (The notion that the clot shot is deadly is almost mainstream at this point, so I won't belabor that.) The ultimate promoters of the shot know damn well it's deadly. It's designed to be deadly. The ultimate promoters are EVIL. They and their families and their secret societies have been conscious students of evil since the Garden. They somewhat obscured the shot's damage, though, to keep it from being too obvious. In 2022 Steve Kirsch calculated that it took on average 5 months to die if you've taken one of the really bad batches. At least, the first peak was at 5 months. We don't know how many peaks there will be.

There were a handful of exceptions, but almost no one was forced to take the shot. One might lose one's job. One might not get to travel. There are various consequences. Meanwhile, many US states were relatively safe from all that. In north Georgia, I never wore a mask, let alone took a shot. There was choice.

Satan's Chosen People identified

There are several branches of those who chose Satan; they are interrelated. One is the (Satanic) "Brotherhood" as exposed by Jessie Czebotar. One is the Canaanites or children of Cain. (One notion is that Cain was a child of Lucifer and Eve, while Abel was of Adam and Eve.)

I'll start with details on another, though. Note that my mother was genetically a full-blooded member of these people. "The Talmud has two components: the Mishnah ..., a written compendium of the Oral Torah; and the Gemara ..., an elucidation of the Mishnah and related ... writings that ... expounds broadly on the Hebrew Bible." Certain people believe that an "Oral Torah" was given to the Israelites at the foot of Mount Sanai while Moses was receiving the Ten Commandments. These people at the foot were the ones worshiping the Golden Calf when Moses returned.

In other words, the Talmud is a document of evil. There may have been an "Oral Torah" given by some 5th or 6th density negative being, a "demon." As for "expounding," that has some lovely results. The Talmud says that Jesus is boiling in hell in hot excrement, that it's ok to rape a girl under 3 years old because her hymen will grow back. It has all sorts of loopholes for killing and stealing from gentiles (goyim, cattle). See The Other Israel, Ted Pike, 1987.

The triple parenthesis (((them))) or other terms is a code for this ethnic / racial group.

Hidden_Hand refers to another source as being accurate. I also site this source below as an indication that (((their))) choice of evil goes back a very long time.

The Genesis Prize was given to Bourla of Pfizer. That prize is specifically only for (((them))) as opposed to the Nobel Prize which will favor them whenever remotely possible. Then ADL then gave Bourla the "Courage in the Face of Hate" award. (((They))) are taking full credit for the "Covid" "response" mass-murder and the "vaccine" mass murder. They brag and mock.

the Rothschild banking family

The notion that Billuminati Gates or Bezos or Musk or any such people have ever been the richest men in the world is a sick joke, mockingly put forward by various media, such media being owned by (((them))). Those people's wealth is known to a degree because they must disclose how much publicly traded stock they own. The Rothschild's core companies are not publicly traded. They have been creating "money" out of thin air and loaning it at interest for hundreds of years if not much, much longer.

A combination of accounting tricks and fractional reserve banking allows the banks to literally create money. The Rothschilds likely have something like 80% if not higher ownership of all the world's banks. I have never seen a perfect example on the web of how this creation trick is done, but I have seen 3 economics 101 textbooks with chapters to the effect of "how banks create money." In 2018 Switzerland had a "sovereign money" ballot initiative (Vollgeld) that would have banned banks from creating money. (Again, the WikiPedia is great until it gets you killed. Risk of death by WikiPedia got much higher with the J----- "vaccine" or "Israeli Roulette" or J----- Roulette.)

A very short version of the accounting trick is that they put your mortgaged house in their asset column and they CREATE a liability column (liability from the bank's perspective) that allows to you pay the previous owner, the closing attorney, etc. Put another way, who has $31 trillion to lend the US Government? No one. The banks put Treasury notes in their asset column and lend the Government "account money" (their term) from a liability column they just created.

Put yet another way, in 2023 the US Mint still produces 1 Troy ounce gold coins labeled $50 and 1 silver ounce labeled $1. What the Mint produces is a real, legal dollar. Go try to buy one of those for 50 or 1 Federal Reserve Notes. Try getting a metal one in exchange for a paper / computer bit one. That is, when the Federal Reserve Note is denominated in dollars, they are lying. The so-called US dollar, aside from coins, is the private Monopoly-game money of the Rothschild family. If all "money" comes from debt, that means the total debt denominated in that currency can never be repaid. This is slavery. More precisely, it is worshiping their agenda per the calculus of evil. If we accept the Federal Reserve Note, we will forever work to pay off that debt.

"Rothschild" is German for "red shield." The "Star of David" is the Rothschild family crest--the Red Shield of Satan. "Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon." -- Acts 7:43, KJV, bold added. (The Red Shield / star of Remphan, Moloch, Satan or all of the above.)

The Balfour Declaration during World War I was a letter from the British Foreign Secretary Balfour to Lord Rothschild. It promised Israel to them. "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie..." -- Revelation 3:9.

Jesus overturned their money-changing tables. That constituted the death penalty in itself.

I am 70% certain that 2007 documentary, "The Great Global Warming Swindle" says that Lord Rothschild attended the 1988 meeting that kicked off the "global warning" Big Lie psyop / economic war.

the Bolshevik Revolution through the Worldwide War of Communist Expansion

I'll move on to the Bolshevik Revolution. Marx was one, Trotsky was. I think Lenin actually was, and Stalin was married to one, as best I remember. Something like 90% of the top leadership. All of the heads of the NKVD for several years / decades. It was their revolutionary movement. Some sources brag about this. Henry Ford's Dearborn Independent publication The International J-- published this (see page 17). George Lincoln Rockwell was convinced of this; he went from a US Navy officer during the Worldwide War of Communist Expansion to founding the American Nazi Party.

Hitler said in 1925, "Russia furnishes the most terrible example of such a slavery. In that country the J-- killed or starved thirty millions of the people, in a bout of savage fanaticism and partly by the employment of inhuman torture." Oh, but one can't believe him! Which way is it? When Hitler gave his speech about The Big Lie, he was talking about the techniques of the enemy. (((They))) have spent enormous time and money bashing Hitler. "The Big Lie" technique is that if you tell a lie so big and keep repeating it, no one can believe that anyone could tell a lie that big. Their portrayal of Hitler is a Big Lie, just as Hitler warned.

I'm not sure anyone is disputing that 30 million number by 1925, or at least the order of magnitude is correct. In my Russia article, I mention the Holodomor which SHALL NOT CHALLENGE the "Holocaust™." WikiP says the Holodomor may have killed another 5 million a few years later, but of course no one can approach the sacred 6 million, so that is suspect.

As I remember the history, the J--- communists were "democratically elected" in 3 German states just after WWI. This is after the killing had been ongoing in the USSR for several years. So the Germans military overthrew those communist governments--rightfully so! The people who did that became the Nazis for extremely good reasons.

One major point being that the J--- Bolsheviks may have killed 50 million people by 1933, before Hitler came to power. Hitler came to power in part by a perfectly valid elections. Mass-murdering thugs are not legitimate even if they are "democratically elected," but the Nazi government was one of the more legitimate ever. I am generally an anarchist, so that's saying something.

So your neighboring J-- commies have killed a few tens of millions next door (German-speaking territory was much bigger then). Communist ideology said that they must control the whole world. The USSR had expanded in several directions. I'd say that is a pretty darned good reason to consider a war with the Soviet Union and destroy them.

The Nazis stopped paying the WWI "reparations" debt and issued a debt-free currency. Germans went from poverty to wealth overnight. It's that simple.

The Germans were dealing with precisely Antifa at that point--same name, same flag. Antifa was agitating for mass murder, because mass-murder is what communists do. So there was a warm war and then a very hot war with (((them))). The US concentrated the Japanese population in concentration camps. The Germans had about 50,000,000 better reasons to concentrate (((them))). Meanwhile, here they are in 1933 in Chicago opening worshiping Moloch ("J--- gather Soldier Field Chicago-July 3, 1933-Worshiping (sic) Moloch associated with Child Sacrifice").

When I was 10 at a J-- summer camp, we were given a 1 - 2 hour presentation on "The Holocaust™." It sounded like a load of crud at the time. The claims were so far over the top. It was only a few years later that I started learning that it is indeed a Big Lie. I could spend several hours mocking the absurdity of it. I'll try to be brief. See David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper. The JDL threatened to kill Cole in roughly 1998. He changed his name and was outed around 2014. He's back as David Cole, but he can't necessarily be trusted on this topic anymore. See what you can find on Ernst Zundel's 1985 trial or the 1988 trial. I'm not sure how hard it is to find David Irving before he was somewhat worn down by their warfare, just like Cole.

In addition to the Big Lie, there is a related technique of "accuse the enemy of what you do." They'd murdered tens of millions before Hitler was elected, so they suppress this fact in their owned media and accuse Hitler of killing them by the millions.

Until they pushed deeper into Russia, Germany was reclaiming territory with German-speaking populations. They absolutely did not want to go to war with France or the UK. They finally decided they couldn't ignore the vast army on their western front while they fought the USSR in the east. They let the British go at Dunkirk because they wanted them to just go home and stay there. They left half of France to the French. They had to keep an eye on the British in the north. The British sank the French fleet at Mers-el-K├ębir and killed 1,600 French sailors. Rudolf Hess was Nazi #3. He parachuted into Scotland to try to talk sense into them.

This British started the bombing of civilians. The German bombers could barely reach London; they were never designed for such an operation. They were designed for close support of the army in the east.

In 1990 "WWII" German General Remer spoke of the Ukrainians taking revenge against the "J----- commissars" because the latter had just created a pile of bodies out of "Ukrainian nationalists." (By 2014 the Ukraine had been reconquered a second time by the commissars, but that's another essay.) "An Interview With General Otto Ernst Remer" Conducted by Stephanie Schoeman, translated by Mark Weber. From The Journal of Historical Review, Spring 1990 (Vol. 10, No. 1), pages 108-117. Institute for Historical Review.

after their resounding victory of manipulation in 1945

Here is Mao with his J advisors. Another 60 - 100M dead, downstream from and pushed by (((them))).

The USS Liberty was shot up by Israel in 1967. When the Spanish allegedly blew up the USS Maine, it's war. When the Germans allegedly sink a British-flagged (belligerent nation) ship carrying many tons of munitions, it's war. Vietnam allegedly sinks a ship, war. But Israel kills 34 and wounds 171 and no war. How interesting.

To skip ahead a few more decades, Christopher Bollyn is a good source that Israel did 9/11/2001. Duh. Even Steve Pieczenik says that, and he's one of them, although he also mocks them on occasion.

Every aspect of "woke" is their ideology. See the Frankfurt School.

To paraphrase Maria Farmer, a Jeffrey Epstein victim, "I've never met a white supremacists, but Epstein, Maxwell, Les Wexner, etc.: they are J----- supremacists." The public has only gotten a fraction of the details of Maxwell's operation. That was an Israeli Mossad operation. It was one of many doing the same thing--blackmailing and corrupting politicians, corporate heads, scientists, etc.

going back several centuries - a brief word

(((They))) are happy to moan about how they have been thrown out of various countries 109 - 111 times. I'm sure you can find such accounts because their oppression is a major offensive of their psy war. There is very good reason they have been thrown out.

"the JQ" conclusion

By "the JQ" I am referring to the "question" regarding this ethnic / religious / racial group. The "question" isn't much of a question. Perhaps "question" is meant as a litmus for whether someone is sincere or not. You either answer the JQ in the right way, or you are avoiding the main problem in the world.

further sources

This is the information age. Despite (((their))) efforts at censorship, once you know what you're looking for, and once you have a handful of relatively uncensored sources, you should be off to the races, or off to investigate (((the race))). It would help a lot if you have a laptop or desktop. For research, a phone is no substitute for a real computer, but that's another topic.

Big Evil Goo(gle) is obviously run by them. YouTube (J--Tube) is headed by one. Yandex is much better on this. I list several news sources. Some of them follow the topic quite closely.

Kevin MacDonald is one of several contemporary sources. E. Michael Jones can soften his tone depending on his audience, but he can also be properly harsh. James Fetzer names them.

and more sources

I'm writing my Russia document at the same time. Others sources are in my Russia essay.

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