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evidence of dark forces in "high" places - quick links

Warning: these linked photos are disturbing. You might want to read the words first.

6 girls: link 1 link 2 link 3

boy: link 1 link 2 link 3 - also 6 girls.

Arch of Hysteria

Charli XCX "sell your soul" Note that there are 4 photos that you can "arrow" through.

Charli XCX "it only gets worse"

context of the first two pictures

"... superlobbyist Tony Podesta. Known about town as a legendary political 'fix-it' man, Podesta has turned his Kalorama home into a shrine to contemporary art, ranging from relatively under-the-radar artists such as Serbian painter Biljana Djurdjevic ..." (bold added) (author "Laura" (no last name given), Washington Life Magazine, "Inside Homes: Private Viewing," June 5, 2015)

Djurdjevic painted the first two paintings.

Arch of Hysteria -- Tony Podesta owned a life-sized version. The original sculpture is by Louise Bourgeois. If you look around, you'll find that Jeffrey Dahmer positioned his dead victims in a similar manner, including the missing head.

My worldview series (linked above) article on Trump's enemies describes much of the context, as do others in the series.

image descriptions

One reason to describe these is for search engine purposes, assuming the suppression of the results isn't too severe. Please copy and re-post all of this. Copy and repost anything on my site ( Another reason is to give whatever version someone will accept if they refuse to look. You could perhaps use these descriptions to get them to look because we need to look and face the truth. I suppose another is for the blind. I'm not entirely sure why I'm typing this out, but it seems it may be useful.

The first picture has 6 girls, roughly 10 - 11 years old. There are 6 girls almost fully in frame. There is a 7th girl on the left side with only part of her arm and leg in frame. The girls are kneeling and barefoot. They wear 2 piece swimsuits. The bottoms reveal way too much for way underage girls. In roughly 2018 on SGT Report Fiona Barnett gave her expert opinion that this painting is based on a photograph, and it doesn't take an expert to conclude that. It is also her expert opinion along another path of horrific expertise that the girls have been tortured, although it doesn't take an expert to conclude that, either. The girls are facing away from us, but five of their heads are turned toward us to various degrees.

All of their hands are behind their backs, and most of their hands are crossed over each other. It appears that restraints were not painted in. Their bottoms and the soles of their feet are red. Barnett thinks their feet were tortured, and she (at least loosely) implied that she knows because she got the same treatment in MK-ULTRA under US Army officer Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set. Aquino made at least Lt. Colonel. He may have made 1 star general, but I can't confirm that quickly.

I think it's safe to say that the expressions on their faces do not look happy.

The "boy" picture is a roughly 9-year-old boy with bound wrists and elbows above his head, in suspension bondage, only wearing red underwear. Suspension as in he is hanging by his wrists and elbows. His shoes are several feet beneath his hanging feet in versions of the picture that show that much.

Charli XCX is a British "pop star," or at least that's my loose term. She was discovered on MySpace, released records, and was achieving "critical acclaim" but not big stardom. It appears that she (somewhat?) literally, by her own admission, sold her soul in 2021. Then she got her fame.

Her July 23, 2021 Instagram post says, "tip for new artists: sell your soul for money and fame" The first photo is of someone's more-or-less bare feet from mid-calf down. The whole scene involves a lot of blood, or at least simulated blood. I would not be too sure about the simulated part. I am fairly sure the feet belong to a woman but I am not completely certain. I don't know if they are supposed to be her feet.

I say "more or less" barefoot because the feet are in some very, very odd sort-of shoes. These shoes are transparent, almost certainly made out of very clear plastic. The "shoes" have ankle straps that appear to be screwed on. There is another strap at the base of the toes like flip-flops. The shoes have an upper and lower part. The upper part is curved like a moderate high heel. The shoe slopes down and then curves around in front of the toes. It's thick enough and shaped to hold weight. Then it curves around, touches the floor, and provides a second sole that is supporting the person's weight. There is another weight bearing "column" that rises from the lower sole to the plastic under the middle of the foot.

All of the skin we can see is streaming blood from above. There is a puddle of a gallon or two of blood, at a guess, pooled over roughly 20 square feet we can see of the white floor.

I think much cruder versions of such shoes were somewhat widely used centuries ago. The purpose was to keep one out of the mud. In this case, the imagery is confusing because it appear that the person wearing the shoes has bled to death, so she won't be doing any walking in the blood.

It's hard to tell if the person can remove the shoes without unscrewing them or breaking the strap. I would say it is difficult or maybe impossible.

The above is the first of 4. The second is a pentagram g-string around and above her bottom. I think that is Charli in this case. I will speculate that the symbolism is that her ass and vagina belong to Satan.

The third photo is of a Sony CRT (I think) television showing what I think is a European stock car race (if Europe has stock car races). I don't think they are American NASCAR, but I could be wrong. There are something like 18 streaks of blood over the screen.

I think I will pass on number 4.

Carli's Twitter photo is titled, "tip for new artists: it only gets worse," dated September 7, 2021, 2:11pm (US Eastern Time, I think, because it's showing my timezone.)

The Twitter photo is a woman's right foot up through several inches above the ankle. It could be hers. I'm almost certain one calls that a stiletto high heel she is wearing. It looks very painful and unhealthy. During my first 2 - 3 viewings, I assumed she is wearing hose that are black but 90% transparent. As I look again, though, I am not as sure she is wearing hose. It might be skin color.

She is "wearing" a rather sturdy leather restraint around her ankle. It appears to be dangerously tight. The veins around the ankle, below the restraint, appear to be bulging in an unhealthy manner. The buckle in front is "protected" by a small but sturdy padlock. The lock is bigger than the 1990s suitcase padlocks. There is a D buckle held onto the first layer of the restraint by a second leather layer held on by rivets. There is a medium steel chain attached to this buckle. The chain moves off frame to the right. The chain is held tight such that it goes off to the right more or less parallel to the floor.

Given the angle, I can't tell for sure how the chain is attached to the D-buckle. It might be some sort of unusual locking mechanism, perhaps released with a handcuff key. Or it might just be a carabiner that is not locked. It looks too solid meaning the middle is solid rather than open; it doesn't look like a carabiner.

A short time with a knife might remove the chain by cutting the outer leather, but the bottom layer would be hard to remove from the ankle without cutting her. The inner layer is thick from top to the bottom in the picture, too. It covers 1.5 or 2 inches of her ankle all the way around.

The overall symbolism is of a sex slave and one who may be having gangrene problems in too short a time.

In the Crash album that is the first one after she "sold her soul," I understand there is quite a bit of death imagery.


The "BJ" paintings are apparently part of a series Living in Oblivion (2006 - 2009) by Biljana Djurdjevic, as per a "Pedogate World" link.

There are a number of good reasons to believe the 6 girls are in the pool in the basement of the Biltmore House, once owned by Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper. There are several good reasons to believe the suspended boy is Anderson (Vanderbilt) Cooper of CNN. Anderson is Gloria's son.


Goo searches

Big Evil Goo search, "podesta art" without quotes. Then click "Images."

Goo, "Biljana Djurdjevic" There is more of the same.