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The first two batches are when reading, as opposed to video.

Jeff Rense - I focus on the center column starting lower down; the photo carousel is also good, though.
Stillness in the Storm. The daily labeling is odd. Each day usually has 10 - 15 stories, not just the first. Ben Fulford part 1 on Mondays and part 2 late Wed or Thu.
Simon Parkes - Infrequent updates.
I follow the GhostEzra Telegram user, but he has gone private to Telegram-only.

Those usually keep me busy during my daily news reading. My next round, if I run out of the above:

Real News and History (formerly Real History Channel) - in the new version, I go to the "articles" page, which is what I link to. I noticed that the home page doesn't work properly, but the sub-pages seem to work. (That's the sort of config problem I could fix for him. Add it to the long list.)
TakiMag - Mostly I read David Cole on Tuesdays
Sarah Westall, Business Game Changers - Many videos are great, but she has some articles.

Video / Audio

part one

Before It's News - This needs to be taken with 30 pounds of salt. See below.
SGAnon / QNewsPatriot - As of the end of December, 2022, I have been listening for about a month. My jury is still out.

part two

Sources and people I like but don't take the time to follow because it would be too much.

Many of the people who were kicked off of YouTube went to BitChute and Rumble. With some exceptions, no one can talk about anything truly important on YouTube. BitChute channels I watch when I have time:

The Patriot Streetfighter (Scott McKay) - At the end of 2022, he is recent to me, but I was very impressed.
AndWeKnow - I would probably not follow him every day, but when I'm making a sweep I listen to him and always find his update worthwhile.
Dustin Nemos - After 2 years or so, I rediscovered him at the end of 2022, but he came out with a bang.

Commentary on Before It's News

I ignore roughly 70% of their headlines by reflex. A small percentage of their videos are both first-rate and worthy of the historical record--they are timeless information. When I'm looking for a Juan O. Savin update, I look here, but you have to be careful because his stuff is both mis-labeled and sometimes months old.

page history

  1. 18:06 - Mike King's History site does work. The home page doesn't work, though.
  2. 10/09 18:00 - actually posted the below change, and noticed that the new site is down, too.
  3. 2023/10/08 20:15 - Real News and History is the new name. I noticed this change 2 - 3 weeks ago. That timestamp was for my hard drive. I didn't post this until 10/9.
  4. 2023/01/01 01:09 - about to post first version