Podesta emails from WikiLeaks: torrent and direct download


I'm removing the "big" 3.3GB file and links to the file.


This is now part of my worldview series.

2021/03/11 - update

The Google Drive direct download should still work. I'm removing the torrent, though.

When I created the torrent 4+ years ago, I assumed that the Podesta Email WikiLeaks would be long gone, but they're still there. I discuss some of the contents when I discuss the 2020 US Presidential campaign.

The filename was podesta-emails_57800_eml.zip

Torrent Status: Fri, Dec 16 [2016], 7:08am EST (GMT -5) - I hope to have 2 peers going until 2pm and then there may be one or zero, then at least one by 7pm through the night.

Google Drive is free (to both of us). What I had up last night (Dec 15 [2016]) would not have been free for me.

File Details

57,800 .eml / text files - individual email files

The attachments are in the .eml file, although they are base64 encoded.

Hashes / other meta

The hashes / size are for the .zip file itself when you're done downloading, which is not the hash the torrent file / torrent client shows.

size = 3.3GB = 3485726951 bytes or 3,485,726,951 bytes

SHA256(podesta-emails_57800_eml.zip)= e2d79ce91d2629e763f5cdec35641d61b358c16ca2104d0fe6fa259e1b63d18c

SHA512(podesta-emails_57800_eml.zip)= 0613c4a723d48488d539f8efc6187cddf64308ed6177f4aaeb5de3c2391e25cc94a0e76828bb203c37989627cbaf9fd1ca0263332e4b8828f710e3d507eb3ad4

MD5 only works for technical error, not malice

MD5 is thoroughly cracked for security purposes, so, with that said:

MD5(podesta-emails_57800_eml.zip)= f2e30a64d29f4a19a78b9e2eff2ade2f

Page History

2021/03/11 - removing torrent, finally. Added some links.

Update: Wed Dec 14 4:37pm EST (GMT -5) 2016

This has come to the rather absurd situation of "torrent by appointment only." More precisely, my seeder will probably be available roughly 6pm - 4am, hopefully daily. At the moment, I can probably recruit one more seed with my human intervention (as opposed to waving a technical wand).

Update: Wed Dec 14, 2016, 1:53am EST (GMT -5)

This has been up for about 3 hours, and I'm not sure if the torrent will be viable. It hasn't spread far enough, and I'm not sure I'm going to (try to) push it to viability, at least not now. Thus, if you're trying to use it, don't bang your head on it--the problem is probably on "my" end. If it dies out, I may try again, so check back here.

My attempts to spread this have been an interesting social experiment.

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