my fractal worldview


This leaves off near the beginning, but I'm trying to learn to post early and often.

What does that mean?

A fractal image is recursive: it repeats itself at different scales. I get irritated at "news" sites that fill in details at the 7th level of the fractal without keeping the first order image in mind. I don't claim to be a news site, but the notion applies generally. Thus, I'm going to attempt to define my fractal.


I literally cannot afford to document all my sources right now. That would multiply the time this takes. If someone will commission the full version, I am eager to do it. (This sort of thing is likely more important than anything I can do in software.)

With that said, I'll try to leave breadcrumbs. Also, consider that this is the Information Age. A key tenant of my worldview is that unimaginably evil people have largely controlled information for all of history. Big Evil Goo(gle) will go down as one of the most evil companies in the history of the world. WikiPedia isn't far behind. With that said, if you know what you're looking for, you can tease out some of the truth from those "sources." Also, consider Yandex. Almost every time Goo effs with me, I find what I want on Yandex. Otherwise put, given what I say, you may be able to get a long way once you know what to look for.

With that said, my first breadcrumbs are whoppers in terms of the claims involved. Fully citing why I deem them true would, again, be too much for now. I may try to fill some of the chains of evidence in. For the moment, I'll ask that you provisionally believe that there are chains of evidence. I don't go for faith, and I am a rather talented software developer. Software development involves building complex logical constructs.

limitations and deep background

I'll stick with Earth, although as Jake said in The Gunslinger / Dark Tower 1, "There are other worlds than this." For all of Creation, I'll cite Hidden_Hand (Lucifer) and Ra. Their evidence applies to Earth, too, but their information is literally universal.

The ET topic is very interesting, and there are ETs, and they are on Earth to some degree. However, the Prime Directive is a real thing. The ETs influence is limited. For simplicity's sake, they can be set aside in order to develop the fractal of Earth.

the base of the fractal


Kennedy said "We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy..." That's been true for all of recorded and pre-recorded history. I would add: "It's not conspiracy; it's policy," or perhaps that it's institutional, not a conspiracy.

A base of my worldview is that over the decades, I have found more and more of the Bible to be more literally true than I ever would have dreamed. Lucifer is "prince of this world" (John 12:31). Hidden_Hand, linked above, discusses that at some length. He tells the story of the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in 21 Century American English. The evidence strongly suggests that Hidden_Hand is a primary source.

Lucifer promotes a system of constant temptation, but Lucifer cannot be the primary driver of evil. It goes back to a combination of the Prime Directive and free will. (These concepts have some similarities.)

Lucifer is not native to Earth. The primary drivers must be children of Yahweh--souls native to Earth. This is Yahweh's drama / decision / planet. Lucifer can only do so much. The decision is between good and evil, or service to others versus service to self, or the positive versus negative paths of ascension. The Rapture is real, and it is coming "soon," although "soon" is hard to define when you're talking to very old angelic beings. The Rapture is when the children of Yahweh or Group Soul Yahweh decided between good and evil.

Adam and Eve were full, dumb, and happy in the Garden. Yahweh had not given them enough free will to conceive of evil, so they had no basis for choice. Lucifer was brought in as Earth's first contractor (management consultant) to teach explicit good and evil.

Lucifer's Chosen People

My mother was full-blooded Jewish. One of my great-grandfathers was an honest to Satan J----- Wall Street banker. With that said, my ancestors and cousins on that side get absolutely no mercy from me. In fact, I am more motivated to tell the truth about them, or at least an extremely high percentage of them, or an onion of them. (One day I'll elaborate on the onion layers of J---.)

Back to Lucifer, teaching good and evil means teaching explicit evil, or the calculus of evil, or the explicit usage of evil. The negative path of ascension is in fact a path of ascension. All paths lead to the One Infinite Creator. The negative path takes longer and is more difficult.

The people who today call themselves J--- were Lucifer's Star (of Remphan ("David")) pupils. (Remphan is mentioned in Acts 7:43.) Some of the J--- are masters of the calculus of evil. The goal of evil is to make as many people as possible torture themselves to death as slowly and painfully and voluntarily as possible.

Maddie de Garay is a great success story of the evil ones. She was 13 and one of the first to take the clot shot / lethal injection / "Covid" "vaccine." Unless the Satanists are deposed and Christ-like healing comes about, Maddie will be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. A few million other people are greater success stories because they had much better reason to reject that particular Big Lie, but they cheerfully offed themselves anyhow.

Ra said that one must be 50.001% good to ascend to the heavenly realms (4th density positive). One has to be 95% evil to go to Hell (4th density negative). When asked why, Ra said that it takes just as much work to be 95% evil as 50.001% good. It's very hard work being successfully evil. Those guys have been relentless for 1,000s or 10,000s of years.

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