Given my vast technical experience and creds, why am I having money problems?

short version for companies

If for some reason I was motivated to try that path, the evidence is that without trying hard I could make $130,000 "Atlanta 'dollars'" as opposed to "Silicon Valley or New York 'dollars.'" With more effort or luck, I could make at least $160,000. As of this writing, when I'm somewhat literally facing starvation and homelessness, I can't make that meaningful or at all tempting.

more generally

To try to solve the above, I took up freelancing. I don't have the sales skills for that, though. Similarly, in some cases I don't have the account management or bill collection skills. For years I could not believe I could be that incompetent at sales for that long. I got so close, so many times, so I just kept trying. At several points I kept going if it was the last thing I did. At this rate, it might be one of the last things I do.

the "call me" horde

I mostly freelance gig hunt on Craig's List computer gigs in various cities. The cost-benefit of that is another discussion. Only 10% - 15% of the ads I answer have phone numbers, so the rest are email.

I can name perhaps 10 cases where people who were too quick to push me to the phone turned out to be people I should not have been dealing with. That is, people who will write just a few useful sentences get my attention, and the "call me" crowd is suspect. Maybe if I had an interface (salesperson / account manager) for such people, I would be ok. On the other hand, maybe such people are not worth dealing with for anyone. This has been a repeated problem, in any event.

ways to help

There are a few categories of people who may want to help. Helping may even be very profitable for both of us.

Sometimes I tell my software apprentices that just cheer leading is helpful. That is, a "green dot"--someone available on type chat--creates a study hall effect and keeps me motivated.

Obviously, someone to make phone calls to feel people out would be helpful. And / or do full sales / account management, and / or bill collection.

concluding for now

I'd imagine I could add to this, but I'm trying to get several things out the door for now.

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