seeking night-owl or timezone-shifted software apprentices - 2022/09 version

I've written a new version (2023/05), but there may be value in older ones.

first pass

I am a master craftsman software developer seeking apprentices. I don't care where you are. You only need very limited computer skills. You must have a laptop, desktop, or Raspberry Pi; a mobile device just won't do. It is somewhere between a big bonus and necessary that you are occasionally available between roughly 7pm - 5am US Eastern Time. "Available" can be type-chat only, or even email only. Writing software is writing software, so you have to be able to write in English, or you're probably not going to fare well writing in computer languages. (Non-English speakers can of course learn to dev, but I can't help them.)

In the month since mid-August, 2022, I've had 4 apprentices who have been active to various degrees. Years ago I figured I needed 3 - 5 apprentices. Now I figure I need 10, at this rate. One result is that you're not applying for a limited number of slots. If you keep writing back, you're a probationary apprentice like "probie" McGee in the first episodes of NCIS. Occasionally I've gotten overwhelmed, but that's only lasted for a few days. There is no way that I'm going to get 6 viable probies at once, at least not for more than a few days.

Your English doesn't have to be mechanically correct; I just have to know what you mean, and I can figure it out through SMS speak and such. Don't take the time proofread. I lose most respondents because they just stop writing. We may get on the phone or even video (for screensharing; I have little interest in cameras) within a few days, but we have to be able to communicate in writing first. I have found that to be an effective filter for compatibility.

basic computer skill requirements

I've only fired one apprentice, and that was due to lack of basic computer skills; so, after that, I should define a minimum. You have to know how to organize files into folders. If your virtual desktop is a mess, that's fine. You just have to know how, whether you do it or not. Also, you need to be able to reveal (see) file extensions such as .txt, .pdf, .docx, .html, etc. (That used to be an issue in Satan's Operating System.) That's about it.

time of day

If you write during Eastern Time business hours, it may be helpful to note that and justify it. Until an incident in August, 2022, I didn't realize how resentful I can be of people who write during that period. If you're functional in that manner during business hours, the world should be your oyster. Why do you need my help? And we have to decide how you can be helpful to me.

I'm not saying don't write during those hours if that's what you need to do to make first contact. I'm saying that I partially judge you by your timestamp. I need to spend less time trying to establish communication with the wake-up-at-6am folk. Otherwise put, your communication needs to be more effective if you're writing during business hours.

getting started

part 1

A sentence or two will do for round one. If you want to write more, that's great, but I am tired of writing essays without a response, so I understand if you are. I am almost certain to reply and keep replying unless your response is so generic that I suspect a robot. (This is a concern with my Craig's List ads, not Gab.) If you're not getting responses, try another method, as per my resume's contact methods. Email's reliability has been in question since about 2002.

Here are my usual responses to your responses: What experience do you have? ("None" is fine. I just need a baseline.) Is there something specific you want to work towards writing, even if it takes you months or longer? If not, look around this site and my GitHub and see if there is something you find particularly interesting and / or you want me to explain.

getting started - part 2

Something like 60% of Craig's List respondents only send 1 email or 2 short emails, then they vanish. In cases of people who wrote during my hours, I would sometimes write them several times spanning weeks, trying to "revive" them, but I don't suppose there is much I can do about that.

If you have answers to the above, that is usually good enough. If nothing else is said, I have two suggestions for learning. I had one person complain that that is too long; feel free to add to the list. It took me a while, but I tried to boil it down for him.

The previous version.