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my latest plea for help from "The Clock People"

One of my former apprentices called "you guys" who use my clock "The Clock People." I need more software work. You guys use something I wrote, so you have reason to recommend me in the right places. Please consider doing so. Also, software apprentices can (directly or indirectly) help me find work. I've made that request before, but perhaps you know someone? I would be happy to step them through creating software that does what you want more precisely. Do you still deal with 4 minute cycles, for example? Specifically marking the cycles I'm sure would be helpful.

I always feel I should explain why I need help. I am aware that making a nice living as a software developer should be easy. My major impediment is that I am a night owl and will not work 9am - 5pm very often. Look at the update times of this site. Looking at my GitHub push times is a bit harder, but you'll see the same trend.

It doesn't help that I spend a lot of time making software that amuses me, such as the clock. I never expected anyone else to use it on such a scale.

There are some other issues that are not issues for the right people. Some of my more recent writing as marked by the update log goes over the various problems I have finding work.