Right now all that exists is the answer out of 1 letter Wordle, where the only 1 letter words are a and I (using lower case 'i'). As you keep refreshing the page, it goes from a to i and back eventually.

Right now, this is entirely client-side JavaScript, or "front end." You can see everything with Control - U / view HTML source code.

session 1 wrapup

My apprentice's question was how does she apply anything on this page? It would be difficult right now. My idea was to finish 1 letter. That is, allow the user a guess and give her feedback. Then I was going to do 2 letters (in, an, to, at, etc.). Then I think my apprentice should be able to to take it from there.

Also, I plan to go through this code step by step until it makes partial sense to her.

Several days ago she asked how to begin implementing Wordle. I think it would be wretchedly hard without a lot of examples, so this is the example.

v5 2023/08/14 21:49

For now, this page's source code is here. /opt/kwynn/js/utils.js is here.

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