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Why do I still use GMail into early 2022?

First of all, ideally I would have dropped them years ago, and I'll come back to that. In email, though, I get a kick out of telling their artificial alleged intelligence how doomed their ideology is. Put another way, they can take my emails, stuff them in their analytics, and smoke them. Also, I can't bring myself to be afraid of them or the people who have access to their data.

If I'm going to drop them, I'd want to use my own domain and my own email server and such, and that's an uphill battle, especially for sending. You have to go through all sorts of processes to reduce the chance of emails being tagged as spam. If an apprentice wants to help with that project, it might get me moving. I can think of a number of ways to help without being ultra-technical.

My resume usually shows I'm immediately available for projects, and it's almost always true. I have other fish to fry.

It's only a matter of intuition, but I question whether ProtonMail is a vast improvement.