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the sealed indictments, Q, "the storm," and "Enjoy the show." - 2021, December edition

Notes: Usually I save my references and evidence for further down the page. Also, when I use quotation marks for Q, I'm close, but they are not necessarily exact quotes.

the sealed indictments and Q

Whether or not the sealed indictment count is much higher than usual is no longer critical. For a while, that was a key piece of evidence for the reality of Q (incorrectly called "QAnon"). As of early December, 2021, I am reasonably sure that Q's "storm" and "show" are ongoing; this document is written to make that argument. (At least that is part of the purpose.)

the Q posts and Q in the capacity of the Q spokesman

The Q posts were 4,953 posts from October 28, 2017 through December 8, 2020. My impression is that one person posted them all, so in that sense Q is the Q spokesman. My best guess is that the Q spokesman was male, mid-30s, with a US military rank of major or lieutenant commander in military intelligence. He was on the team that traveled with President Trump. He rode in the motorcade's 15 passenger vans that were behind most or all of the Secret Service.

Q rarely originated information

Q almost never presented new evidence. For example, Big Evil Media would have you believe that Q originated the PizzaGate / Pedogate information. Media would have you believe that we believe various notions because of Q. That is simply not true. The same people who read the Q posts already had good evidence of Pizzagate and such. One of the missions of Q was to assure us that Trump and other powerful people understood how bad the situation was, and the Q operation is a "Biblical" scale operation to fight this Big Evil. Q said "It's going to be Biblical."

the problems Q addresses

Put another way, in order to understand Q, you must have some idea just how bad the spiritual, religious, economic, political, legal, and philosophical situation is. That of course is a large topic in itself; for now, I will try to be brief and then add references below. I call the whole system Big Evil in the sense of Big Pharma and certainly including Big Pharma in Big Evil. One example that is relatively easy to state is that if an entire nation's currency is created by fractional reserve banking, that is eternal slavery to the banks. In this case, the entire money supply is a debt to the banks that can never be paid because interest can only be paid with more of the same. That is the situation in most of the world. Q confirmed this notion. Specifically, he confirmed that the Rothschilds own almost all the central banks on earth.

The notion that Musk or Gates or Buffet has every been the richest man on earth is a key Big Lie of Big Evil. You can measure their wealth based on their stock in publicly traded companies. The Rothschilds have been creating currencies out of thin air and loaning them at interest for centuries if not millennia. Their corporations and other artificial entities are not publicly traded. In the mid-90s the Rothschild fortune was in the 100s of trillions of so-called "dollars." That's 10,000 times more than Musk, Gates, or Buffet. That's on the order of 10 to the 14th "dollars," or many times the US GDP.

Another aspect of Big Evil that is more immediately horrific but arguably somewhat harder to prove is the rampant pedophilia that the "elite" engage in as a matter of religion and entertainment--PizzaGate, PedoGate, etc. Q emphasized that, too.

There are many other examples. The following are mine more than Q's, but Q touched on these to some degree:

Obviously media is central because they hide and distort all this. No one on cable television or broadcast anything is remotely adequate on these topics. If we should be arguing 10-point arguments, Tucker Carlson sometimes reaches 0.8, while CNN is negative 200.

Q the US military and psy operation

The Q operation is an ongoing US military operation against Big Evil. The boots on the ground part of the operation is mostly special forces. Many other nations' militaries are assisting. Then there is a psychological part of the operation. The Q spokesperson was part of that psyop. One of Q's goals was to help "the people" (worldwide) understand what is happening. Q spoke of "the plan" often, and asked us to "Trust the plan." He said that only 7 military personnel and 3 civilians knew the whole plan. (I tend to think Trump does not know the whole plan; he only knows enough that he was satisfied to sign off on it as Commander in Chief.)

Steve Pieczenik said in early 2021 that a "military coup" was in progress. Q said from the beginning that "the military is the only way" to save the world. Part of Q's job was to soften the psychological blow when that coup (blow) comes into the open. I would call this coup one of the few (well-known / publicized) times in the last 205 years that the US military has done its job protecting against "all enemies, foreign and domestic." I have my pom poms out and am happily cheering this coup. However, some will get bent out of shape or violently out of shape over a coup. Part of Q's job is to explain why they are doing what they are doing.

More recently, Juan O Savin said that they are trying to get 80% of Americans (and preferably the world) to agree that something is badly wrong. I have heard other sources phrase this as the Q Operation will come out into the open when Dan the Actor's approval rating reaches 20%. ast I checked, it was at 36%. Dan the Actor is what I call the putative President Biden; more on that below.

the "mainstream" response to Q

One argument in favor of the reality of the Q operation is the lengths Big Evil has gone to to try to remove Trump and stop the Q operation. After Russian Collusion, Mueller, and two impeachments, to name a few, they declared the most dangerous "virus" since the Great Plague of London of 1665. I hope that the notion that the "pandemic" declaration comes from a place of pure evil is not controversial, but, if it is, see my brief essay on "Covid."

the Q group and operation going back to 1963

"Q" or perhaps the "Q group" is what President Kennedy's inner circle called themselves. After Kennedy's assassination by the usual suspects, the Q group maintained around 70 flag officers and equivalent civilians and passed the torch down, waiting decades for the right circumstances to bring justice.

In 2011 and 2012 Trump Tweeted to the effect of "quick justice and swift death to pedophiles," and he recognized that vaccines cause autism. These are two indicators of why Trump was recruited to run by the Q group. It's possible that Trump's main job was to sign off on the Q military operation as Commander in Chief. Just before Trump's first election, Steve Pieczenik came out to speak for the Q group, although he did not call it Q.

On October 5, 2017, Trump and Melania posed for photos with a number of flag officers ("senior military staff") and their wives. "Gesturing to his guests [the flag officers], he [Trump] said, 'You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.'" Just over 3 weeks later, Q posted for the first time. Q often referred to "the storm."

"Q Proofs"

Q's "following" liked to speak of Q "proofs." Calling the proofs "evidence points" would be more appropriate. In any event, Q gave dozens or hundreds of pieces of evidence for the reality of the Q operation. The following evidence points are from memory. It's worth listing them, but they admittedly vary in weight, and some would be difficult to chase down. It would likely take me a long time to distill from my head my best arguments for Q. It was a series of events over years, and I wasn't by any means focused on Q. I try to send you down various paths to help make an informed decision on the matter.

Q's purpose is to disable us? My argument against this

Before addressing this, I should clarify / reiterate a point: Q almost never presented new evidence. He was pointing to other's evidence. That is, Q did not originate many or any of the main points. The people who "followed" Q already had good evidence of various key points. For those of us who believe Trump signed off on the Q operation, Q was simply confirming that Trump knows how bad the situation is and the Q operation is a "Biblical" scale operation to fight Big Evil. In a moment I'll explain why this is important.

So to recap the relevant point: one argument is that Q is very well funded and run by experts and may be subtly endorsed by Trump, but Q is a Big Evil operation to make us passive by convincing us that any day the military will save us. My problem with that argument is that the scope of Q's condemnation of Big Evil has been comprehensive and very strongly worded. The following are NOT Q's words. I'm using my own words that Q almost entirely confirmed. Q confirmed something to the effect that the world has been run for almost all of history by baby-raping demon worshipers. These people try to turn the rest of us into demon worshipers directly or indirectly. "These people are sick," he said, and "These people won't be able to walk down the street" [without being attacked].

So, yes, by that argument, Q may slow people down for a while, but he's painted a situation so horrible that it cannot be allowed to continue. He has justified a righteous crusade against pure evil. He has justified a revolution and even a violent revolution. How on earth does that help the bad guys to all-but-officially confirm their Big Evil?

the Q operation is ongoing

Big Evil's declaration of a (fake) pandemic and now the clot shot drama are very rushed and sloppy. They have been rushed to the point that they have sent themselves over a cliff. Like Wile E. Coyote, they still seem to be moving along the ground only because they haven't noticed that they've gone off the cliff. The interrelated Big Lies are falling apart: the Big Lie of the existence of Covid-19 and the truth that 10,000s of Americans (hopefully not 100,000s or more) have been killed by the "vaccine."

For over a year, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has been pushing for "Nuremberg 2.0" that will hopefully execute a few dozen people. "A few dozen" is my thumbnail estimate of how many people worldwide of their own free will were manufacturing the notion of a virus, pushing unprecedented "responses," and driving towards a "vaccine" that is infinitely more deadly than the "virus." Dr. Fauci is damn sure one of them, but he's not at the top of the pyramid, and he had a lot of help. (Below I present evidence that Dr. Fauci has already been executed, or at least that sometimes it's not Fauci on TV, but someone playing Fauci.)

My point being that "Covid" and the "vaccine" are already openly heading towards executions. Similarly, Big Evil is getting vaccine mandate pushback left, right, and center, including from 20 - 30 Governors. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster sounded like the Governor in 1861, saying he will fight Biden "to the gates of hell." Big Evil does not seem all-powerful; they seem already to be defeated.

To come at it from a different angle, running the apparently literally demented Bi-Dan the Actor for President, blatantly stealing the 2020 Election, and then leaving him "in office" for at least 10 months makes no sense. Once again, rather than making significant progress, they have sent themselves over a cliff. The Arizona Audit already showed 5X the number of highly questionable ballots needed to decertify Arizona's Electors. As best I understand, most of the results of the Audit have still not been revealed. Several other states have started or likely will start audits.

For yet another angle, Trump knew the election fraud was coming. Q stated the obvious that NSA knows everything and he said NSA was at least well enough under the good guy's control. I don't see Trump simply walking away.

We're seeing Q's "show." The good guys are letting Big Evil play out portions of their intent to a certain degree, and Big Evil is cutting itself to ribbons in the process. Q said something close to "Never interrupt your enemy when he's destroying himself."

how and when does "the show" end?

I see several possible scenarios:

In roughly the summer of 2021, Simon Parkes said that the media's "cracking" was a possible option. The Q operation and its worldwide affiliates have likely told the media that they can either give up or be shut down and possibly suffer more executions as more of them become knowing participants in murder via "vaccine" and "lockdown."

There has been talk for almost a year of a series of emergency broadcasts. Trump established a Presidential Alert similar to Amber Alerts. On October 3, 2018, I got on my phone "THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System" from the sender "Presidential alerts". Perhaps more relevant, SpaceX has launched almost 2,000 Starlink satellites. The speculation is that one purpose is to allow Space Force to take over the airwaves globally and simultaneously--"This is John Galt speaking." Perhaps the seven trumpets from the Book of Revelation are the seven Trump-ets.

Under the "John Galt" scenario, we would get confessions from Fauci, Jeffrey Epstein, and many others. They may call it a temporary military takeover in parts of the world and explain in detail why they need to do it. Again, I have my pom poms out. I want the Q team in the open.

The military / Q group, on the other hand, wants to be relatively subtle. Maybe this show will limp on until the 2022 mid-term elections. It would be easy for the military to insure a fair election. Maybe the backlash will be so thorough that a new Congress will impeach and remove Dan and otherwise start taking drastic action.

I don't want to contemplate waiting until 2024, but maybe it will come to that.

how the "vaccine" and free will affect the endgame

I think it was during his November 9, 2021 update that Simon Parkes said that the white hats (Q team) were (was) dismayed at the reaction to child "Covid" "vaccinations." The Team thought that would be a red line, but there has been too much compliance. They're trying to get people to do some of the pushing on their own.

I hate to introduce such a large topic, but, briefly, at a very high or very deep level, the leadership of both good and evil respect free will. If Evil presents the free will choice of the "vaccine," the good guys must allow some people to make the choice to die. The "mandate" has not gotten to the point of a bioweapon shot or a lead shot. If you'd rather risk death than make your employer fire you, that's your choice. If you have chosen not to seek truth despite easy access that is only slightly out of plain sight, that is your choice.

In other words, they may be waiting for somewhat more pushback or for the bad guys to go over the free will line. That is, they are waiting for those actions before they start blatantly stopping the "vaccines" and punishing the people pushing them. Stopping the "vaccines" will lead to a much larger cleanup.

we can't sit around waiting

As above, Q is not a malicious attempt at pacifying us, but Q's posts may for a while lull us in that direction. With that, I'm going to leave this a stub and maybe come back to it.


the ongoing case for Q - insiders / frequent updates

Juan O Savin

Juan O Savin is a pen name based on a 107 serial number he was assigned, probably in the US Marines in the 70s or 80s. I would guess Juan was born around 1955 (roughly 65 years old) from looking at him. It was hard to look at him until roughly October, 2021. He tended to put his phone's camera towards his cowboy boots while he talked from a high floor of a hotel room overlooking various US cities. I've watched / listened to perhaps 10 of his interviews starting in February, 2021. On one hand, he's being somewhat mysterious. On the other hand, there are good reasons to think he's an insider, such as:

Robert David Steele (RDS) met with Juan several times, and RDS confirmed that Juan was former Marines and was otherwise very knowledgeable. Based on the documentary The Called: the Makings for a Perfect Day, Juan has a number of very expensive cars and a ranch relatively close to Las Vegas. He's done at least two interviews with Roseanne Barr. He's helping Jim Caviezel fund and promote his upcoming film Sound of Freedom. He hosted a conference at the end on February 27 - 28, 2021, attended by a number of commentators I tend to trust.

He does interviews at least every week or two. I don't know of a definitive, official way to find these (nor have I looked). I search his pen name for his latest interviews on BitChute. Note that you may find videos that are years old but posted yesterday. I often catch him with David Nino Rodriguez.

Juan is either one of the 10 people who know the whole plan or just outside of that core. His perspective is somewhat different than the Q spokesperson's, but it's consistent enough. Juan said that the military had no authority to do anything until the election fraud went into full effect on January 20. Then they largely ignored Dan the Actor's alleged authority while they did their own review of the election intelligence. They determined that the fraud was so precisely trackable (NSA, etc.) that they could tell that Trump won easily. The military went back to fully answering to Trump in March.

The Q group will end "the show" relatively soon, but they are waiting for people to do some of the work themselves--greater "vaccine" pushback, more state legislature action on election fraud, a further collapse of Dan's approval, etc.

Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford is the former Toyko Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine. I first heard him interviewed in roughly 2005. He has been saying since 2015 - 2017 (if not long before) that some variant of The Storm has been brewing and blowing. Once again, Robert David Steele met with Fulford and in turn was introduced to and verified some of Fulford's sources. RDS met with a member of the Japanese royal family (a "Princess") and he reported on progress with North Korea days or weeks before anyone else reported it. This was before Trump met with Kim, when the possibility of such a meeting was not at all obvious.

Fulford publishes a weekly newsletter. Stillness in the Storm publishes the first half every Monday and then the second half on Wednesday night or Thursday. Fulford's headline on December 6 is "Khazarian Mafia circles the wagons around the drain." As best I remember, he sometimes refers to Q by name, but whether he does or not, he's talking about parts of the same operation. He has lived in Japan for many years and sees the world from that perspective.

Lin Wood

Lin Wood is an Atlanta lawyer famous first for representing Richard Jewell after the 1996 Olympic Park bombing. Most recently, he won Nicholas Sandmann of "smirk seen around the world" infamy millions or tens of millions of "dollars" from Big Evil Media. He is America's most famous defamation attorney. Thus, when he accuses people of crimes, he's either defaming them or telling the truth, and he should know the difference.

Once again, I don't have an official, definitive source. I am reasonably sure he has a Telegram account, but I haven't looked at it enough to be sure enough to point you to it. I've seen and heard his material from a number of sources over the past 13 months or so.

He's said that at a minimum Trump has a back door to Strategic Command, implying that StratCom is not following orders from Dan. He took a number of (many?) pictures of himself in the White House in roughly May, 2021. He goes from room to room and shows the halls. It looks empty. He keeps asking, "Where is Joey?" as in Joe Biden or Dan the Actor. That is one of a number of pieces of evidence that Dan has either never been in the White House or wasn't there for long.

He's accused Chief Justice John Roberts of an illegal adoption so that he could offer his "children" for admittance to a secret society. I'm almost certain Wood used the term "Satanic" within all that.

He's said a number of things that confirm both Q's accusations and that there is an ongoing military operation.

Simon Parkes

I've been following Simon Parkes since 2018 or '19. I list him for a reason, but he is in a different category from the above. RDS and Doug Billings and others interview him, but what I'll call his external validation data points aren't as strong as some of the others. He claims to be in frequent contact with a US Marine Corps general and others within the Q operation, and I am reasonably sure it's true. (To be precise, I don't know that he's claimed to be in touch with that General. It may be more precise to say he has a line of communication close to the General.)

Parkes said that Q or the Q group goes back to JFK and that there have been 60 - 80 members of the Q group since then. He gave a number of 60 or 80; I just don't remember which it was.

David Wilcock - YouTube and his site

Perhaps more so than with Simon, one might run screaming from Wilcock's material. During the Q Era, I have only caught Wilcock a handful of times, but he seems on point.

GhostEzra on Telegram

GhostEzra (GE) led me down the path to conclude that "Joe Biden" is Dan the Actor. He's had a number of interesting threads and posts. I started following him in March, 2021. I was reasonably sure for weeks that he was an insider. Now I'm not as sure, but at a minimum he posts interesting material.


My article for Trump 2020 is largely an argument that the world's and Trump's worst enemies are pedophiles.


It would appear that I left out Joachim Hagopian's mammoth Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State. The whole book is still on that site, but I recommend downloading it quickly. Robert David Steele, who sponsored that site and whose estate may own it, died in August, 2021. I do not know what will become of his sites. You can likely find interviews of Hagopian on BitChute. He may or may not be vigorously banned from YouTube.

I have only read small parts of Hagopian's book. Robert David Steele (RDS) sponsored the book, though, and I have the highest respect for RDS.

Pervywood: A Nick Alvear film, part 1. (I am not entirely sure that's part 1.) It's 8 - 9 parts total, and maybe more by now.

Ricky Gervais called Hollywood pedophiles just before "Covid," at the Golden Globes in January, 2020.

Ronald Bernard has been described as a Dutch "banker," but the one assignment I remember his describing was an instance of world-class money laundering of cash from "illegal" Iraqi oil sales. He was a very high level criminal who worked for the highest level bankers. He describes his journey both into and out of this realm. He started getting out of the business when he was presented with a child to sacrifice. He breaks down in tears by about 25:24. That was gripping the first time I saw it. He refused to kill the child and was able to walk away. He promised not to name names and seems to have kept that promise, and the wise among the evil respect free will. That is, I don't find it suspicious that he was able to walk away.

The following isn't evidence of Q's reality because it's circular, but, for the record, Q accused roughly 110 celebrities of pedophilia in post 4577 of July 2, 2020. That is an image. Here it is in text.

Dan the Acting President - "Enjoy the show"

Whether I am right on the following theory is not critical to the reality of the Q operation. The notion that Dan is an actor fits the facts better, though.

As of December 7, 2021, a Google (Big Evil Goo) search on "Trump misspelled Bidan" without the quotes pulls up the May 25, 2019 incident when Trump misspelled Biden as "Bidan." The Urban Dictionary has a 2010 entry for "Bidan":

To annoy somebody. To act as something you are not [emphasis added]. To act outside of the context of a given situation, therefore annoying everybody around you. To make dumb comments. To make obnoxious noises.

Q often said, "What makes for a great movie? Great actors."

Trump at a rally in Johnstown, PA, October 13, 2020, "'He’s shot, folks. I hate to tell you, he's shot,' Trump told a big rally crowd in Johnstown, saying there was extra pressure on him to win because Biden was the worst presidential candidate of all time." Then approximately September 19, 2020, "Now he's shot. He's got like half of his head left..."

It's possible that Trump is sometimes referring to the "FISA shot" (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) rather than the "Pfizer shot [vaccine]." Operation Warp Speed is a military operation against "a hidden enemy." Who said that enemy is a virus? Q said that two can play at the FISA game. Then you have Justice Kavanaugh and Senator Graham discussing how military commissions can execute US citizens for treason because the US has been at war since 9/11/2001. Q said "the military is the only way." Might the real Biden have been shot by a firing squad? GhostEzra says this happened in 2019. On December 5, 2018, Biden and others got mysterious envelopes at George HW Bush's funeral. Q said something like they were given "a counteroffer." It would make sense that various executions were after that.

Here is Vice President Biden in 2016 at the DNC. The first 90 seconds are plenty. In these videos, I found the right ear somewhat easier to see. Look at where the bottom of his right ear attaches to his head.

Here is Dan the acting president regarding unions. Timestamp 2:10 is, off hand, as good as the right ear gets. It's a different ear and thus very likely a different person. Also, Dan's nose is more crooked and, I think, narrower. Overall, I don't think aging accounts for the difference. Also, look at the forehead wrinkles at 2:14 and elsewhere. Biden's forehead does not do anything like that, and, again, I don't think 4.5 years accounts for such a difference. I come back to wrinkles. The theory is that Dan is wearing a Hollywood grade latex mask.

Dan on a conference call with Royal Governors General. Look at the wrinkles at 4:02 and beyond.

Dan at the NIH. Start at 2:42 and go through 3:20 or so. It's a weird wrinkle in and out effect. Also look at the right versus left of the forehead.

Here is a 101 year old woman. Her forehead doesn't do anything like that.

Here is 28-ish year old Lauren Daigle. (I urge you to turn your sound on finally.) At 0:36 - 0:38, her forehead wrinkles. I posit that the nature of the motion and the fact that it shows in one's 20s is an argument in my favor. That is, 2016 Biden's forehead does not do that.

similar weird video issues with Fauci

Fauci 2018. Fauci 2019. Fauci 2020 starting at 17:33. Fauci 2020 #2.

Fauci with Chuck Todd, Meet the Press, NBC News, Feb 28, 2021. There are 2 problems with this video. One, he looks much younger. For another, look at the junction of his neck and his shirt. His head moves up, and there seems to be a void between his neck and shirt. He moves down, and his neck overlaps his shirt in a way that is not explained by an old man's loose skin. Here is where someone zooms in via a very low-tech method. It is very clearly a mask.

"Q" and "QAnon"

Regarding Q versus QAnon: the culture of the "Chans" (4chan and 8chan and perhaps others) is that everyone is "anonymous," so some call Q QAnon. Ron Watkins (CodeMonkeyZ) of 8Chan made one exception to "anonymous" and gave Q a "trip code" which amounts to a login and password. (The last trip code was "!!Hs1Jq13jV6".) Q specifically addressed "QAnon" and said something like "There is Q, there are Anons, but there is no QAnon." So Q specifically rejected "QAnon." Q called himself "Q Clearance Patriot" once. I thought it was a handful of times, but my word search only finds it once on November 1, 2017, in post sequence number 34. (I am not looking hard to see if my word search is missing instances.)

Q aggregators (and the original posts)

For the record, the first few weeks' worth of Q posts were posted on 4chan and the rest were on 8chan and 8chan's successors. Q left 4chan because the admins were messing with him in some manner; I think they falsely claimed direct communication with Q. 8chan was demonized by Big Evil demon worshipers and led on a merry chase around domains and hosting. I had to look it up, but 8chan appears to be currently incarnated as 8kun.top.

I'm no slouch at navigating the web, but even I never took the time to learn 8Chan / 8Kun. There are a number of sites that aggregate Q's posts--pluck them from 4Chan and 8Chan. I only knew of one remaining aggregator until I searched in early December, 2021. Oddly enough, it was the interestingly named Mike Rothschild who led me to other aggregators. I can only speak to qanon.pub's accuracy with some degree of confidence.

decoding the Q posts

Dave Hayes or "Praying Medic" has spent an enormous amount of time over the Q years writing and speaking about Q. (He had a YouTube channel which is of course long gone. He had Q books on Amazon which are of course gone.) I followed the Medic to some degree for roughly 2 years. I parted with his work on good terms; I just wandered away from the regular Q updates.

I've only read parts of Martin Geddes' writing and seen some short interviews, but I liked what I saw.

For a year or two I followed Daniel John Lee. I also parted on good terms with his work.

Same with Jordan Sather. Although I parted on good terms with his work, I heard something about his getting into a tussle with Robert David Steele (RDS). I would side with RDS against just about anybody.

I got my first Q updates from Tracy Beanz, before I realized there were aggregators. I get the impression that she wandered partially or fully away from Q. Given that I haven't followed her, I'll let you look her up. "Beanz" is a pen name. She mentioned being interviewed by people who demanded and published her real name, but I never looked up what it is.

more references

Several of my commentators at the time were impressed with "Joe M's" Q: the Plan to Save the World. I haven't rewatched it, and as best I remember, it was between ok and good, but I remembered it, so I include it.

general news sources

I at least start scanning Rense every day. Depending on how much I click and read, I get further down as below:

  1. Rense.com - Jeff Rense's feed
  2. Stillness in the Storm.com - Justin Deschamps' feed - Justin of Atlanta
  3. Revolver.news
  4. Simon Parkes.org
  5. Sarah Westall.com
  6. Unz.com - the Unz Review

supplemental - Q-shaped grave sites, several faked deaths? etc.

President Kennedy's gravesite is a Q

The "Q" name comes from JFK's inner circle. Q said that Trump intends to end the fight that JFK started against the CIA and its intertwined secret societies. See JFK's grave site at Arlington National Cemetary (more below). The grave site seems to go out of its way to be a Q.

Kennedy family

Bush senior's Secret Service codename was "Timberwolf." When Bush senior died or perhaps was executed, JFK's family sang "Timber!"

RFK Jr. certainly seems to hint that JFK Junior is still alive. Robert David Steele put it at 80% that this was so.

Michael Jackson (MJ) as a victim of pedophilia

I note below that Michael Jackson's grave goes farther out of its way to be a "Q" shape than President Kennedy's grave. My best assessment is that MJ was a victim of pedophilia and not a perpetrator. The charges against him were a classic case of "accuse the other side of what you do." (For years Tucker Carlson has been emphasizing that tactic of the bad guys.) I remember the accusation that Bob Hope raped all the Jackson Brothers (all citations below). I don't know which sister accused father Joe Jackson of torturing the children with matches to the soles of the feet. La Toya accused him of raping her.

I'm elaborating on what GhostEzra actually said, but the Telegram user GhostEzra posited that MJ was committed to a counterattack against the Hollywood organized pedophilies. The bad guys were in turn going to kill him, and it otherwise wasn't the time for that counterattack. So Q or a related group helped MJ fake his death. GhostEzra says that MJ is one of several people who are presumably dead who will help unite the world when the various horrors are exposed. Princess Diana also saw the horrors of the "elite," and hopefully she faked her death. Her grave is somewhat Q-like (see below).

graves and MJ citations

I specifically remember the accusation that Bob Hope raped the Jackson Brothers. As best I remember, it was actually on late-night broadcast TV, on Entertainment Tonight or something similar, in roughly 1995. That was also when one of the sisters talked about their father burning their feet. I found related and identical citations below.

a word on WikiPedia

My memory is that Steve Pieczenik's WikiPedia entry gets more and more hostile to him over time, but his credentials are there (for now). The WikiP is useful for certain types of information, but it is outright deadly with others. For example, I won't spend the time right now even skimming their articles on "Covid" and "Covid vaccines." I feel safe in assuming that the "vaccine" articles are as deadly as the "vaccines" because I'm sure the article vigorously promotes the vaccine. Big Evil can afford to pay people to fight those editorial battles. WikiPedia must be used with extreme caution, but it is sometimes useful.

citations of several points

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - more bibliography and background

I read this on paper in roughly 1995. I spent some time looking for an accurate HTML version, but I decided to simply host a PDF version that looks after a few minutes of review like it's accurate or close enough. I had nothing to do with creating this version. I got it from someone's Google Drive and re-uploaded exactly that

The version I'm now hosting mentions Bill Cooper's Behold a Pale Horse. Melody Swanson who owned (still owns?) the publisher Light Technology handed me a free copy of this book off the pile at the publishing shop in Sedona, Arizona, in the summer of 1994. Light Technology also publishes my father's books, so my family was visiting Melody. In his documentary The Called: the Makings for a Perfect Day, Juan O Savin visits Cooper's grave. They knew each other well, and Juan continues Cooper's work.

The version I posted is 43 pages. Part of the table of contents is below.

Table of Contents

Historical Introduction
Political Introduction
Descriptive Introduction of the Silent Weapon
The Draft

The following document, dated May 1979, was found on July 7, 1986, in an IBM copier that had been purchased at a surplus sale.


Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1
May 1979 #74-1120
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