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Billuminati's (Bill Gates') Satanic Crusade - known to shod muggles and shod, mask-wearing, vaxxed zombies as "Covid-19"

Obviously I have extremely strong opinions, but I am writing this in part to present a number of facts and send you down the road to more facts. The documented facts come further down this page.

On March 28, 2020, I sent the following to the Countess of Forsyth County, Georgia, known to shod muggles as the head of the Board of Commissioners. At this point, Royal Governor-General Kemp had not begun his royal decrees. My letter has aged well.

subject: end the emergency

Dear Commissioner [...],

My ox was finally gored today when I couldn't have my daily breakfast sit down at [specific restaurant], and I'm afraid this nonsense on the part of the county will get far worse.

It's up to each of us to assess the situation and decide how much social contact to have. If you are getting numerous requests for forcible closures--because workers are afraid and can't rely on their employers to limit contact--maybe that would be a basis for these closures. Are you getting such requests? I doubt it. I am not hearing any concern over the virus, only the county's overreaction. More specifically, the waitresses at [restaurant] want to work, although that's not my only local source of that opinion.

How many die in Forsyth on an average day? Given that Fulton is adjacent and has many more (alleged) cases, how many die in Fulton? How many are hospitalized with respiratory problems and fever every day in both counties? How many are hospitalized for flu? You're destroying the economy and soon a broader way of life because in Fulton 12 people have died of something perhaps related to this alleged virus and 1 in Forsyth. (I say "alleged" virus in part because the test generates many false positives.)

How old were these people who died? What were their pre-existing conditions? How sick are the 20 remaining people who have tested positive in Forsyth? If you're going to assume the authority to close and restrict businesses, I don't want to hear about non-identifying privacy issues. You should have that information and be assessing it. Old and sick people die. Years ago I watched my grandmother pass. This isn't reason to destroy the economy....

I ask that you help stop the madness.

living near Sawnee Mountain

Although I did say a "broader way of life," mentioning "the economy" is not adequate. "Ecology" and "economy" are similar words in that "the economy" is human life including interaction with ecology such as food. They put worship on hold. They put arts on hold which are often the equivalent of worship.

"Two weeks to flatten the curve" started on or around March 11, 2020. It's been over 91 weeks. In those 2 weeks, in order to have any credibility, we needed to see deaths similar to the Great Plague of London of 1665 that killed a quarter of London. Instead, "Ninety year-olds jumping out of buildings were counted as Coivd deaths if they tested positive on the way down." The CDC's numbers for all of 2020, which are exaggerated in a number of ways, claim that 0.1% of the population died from "Covid."

Let's be generous and give them a bit more than two weeks. At the end of a few weeks, the powers that be needed to start prosecuting Fauci and his masters for treason and conspiracy to commit mass murder. Around 19 months ago, we needed to be wondering about every one of them who JUST KEEP PUSHING THIS BIG LIE.

the deaths before the "vaccine"

The CDC's numbers are correct only insomuch as people died because they declared a pandemic, not because there existed a pandemic. We now have several if not numerous sources saying the same thing as nurse Helen Smith, formerly of Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital. The doctors were ordered in advance how they would and would not treat "Covid" patients. Under orders, they did not do what they usually did for respiratory illnesses. "They were dying because doctors were immediately intubating patients and providing them with Remdesivir, an expensive drug that does nothing to treat Covid or respiratory illness, but shuts down the organs..." Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell said the same thing about ventilators. Dr. Daniel Nagase talks about being fired for trying to treat patients with ivermectin (and / or HCQ hydroxychloroquine).

I will cite other sources below.

deaths after the "vaccine" / clot shot / kill shot

Mike Yeadon, form CSO and VP, Pfizer

I'll start with "Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd, talks about his grave concerns about the Coronavirus jab." He says that Pfizer and others are involved in population control via mass murder. He doesn't mince words.

Deborah Conrad, physician's assistant

Deborah Conrad was a hospitalist physician's assistant for a county hospital in upstate New York. She had worked for the hospital for 17 years. She presumably quit or made them fire her a few days after this September 18, 2021 interview because they demanded she get the clot shot. Based on her experience, she's far more afraid of the "vaccine" than "Covid," and she would not get the shot.

As soon as people nearby started getting clot / kill shots, she saw them starting to come into the hospital. None of the experts disputed that these patients had been seriously damaged or killed by the "vaccine." Conrad started doing research and only then did she discover VAERS, the US Health and Human Services Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. After being in the profession for years, she had never heard of VAERS yet alone that she was required by Federal law to report to VAERS. So she started reporting.

Reporting to VAERS is a very time-consuming process. Thus, both by direct observation and extrapolation, she is certain that only a small fraction of "adverse events" nationally are being reported to VAERS. She started first reporting her own patients and then started trying to report for the whole hospital. She spent many hours of her own time doing so. Eventually management told her she could only report her own patients. Furthermore, they said that she was starting to go against hospital system policy by seeming to take the stance that the vaccine was far more dangerous than beneficial.

She also said that 2021 is the year that many medicines that had worked for decades stopped working. Blood thinners dosed to their maximum could not counteract vaccine-induced clots, for example.

key points

Rather than continuing to thump on this endlessly, I'm going to draw a number of conclusions and then send you to various sources to continue your quest. All of the reactions to the alleged virus amount to an economic and psychological war against humanity. It is a biological war only insomuch as their intentionally deadly "treatments" and their "vaccine" are bioweapons. The people behind this are traitors, mass murderers, and Satanists--they are dedicated to evil as a matter of organized religion. I present evidence for this in my argument in favor of Trump.

Any media on cable or broadcast are part of the problem to various degrees. If media needs to be making 10 point arguments to save the world, Tucker Carlson achieves maybe 0.9, while CNN is negative 200. As a variant of "Come with me if you want to live," you must find better news sources if you want to live. I list some below.


Almost every day I at least scan and Stillness in the A large portion of their articles are about "Covid" and the "vaccine." On a related point, when I list doctors and other experts below, note that YouTube deleted just about everyone I followed from 2016 - 2019. BitChute should have the people I cite.

A recap and more as a list:

  1. - Jeff Rense's feed
  2. Stillness in the - Justin Deschamps' feed - Justin of Atlanta
  4. Sarah
  5. - the Unz Review

For search, DuckDuckGo is sometimes to often better than Big Evil Goo.

doctors, other experts, true journalist, activists, etc.

citations, notes, and one more video link

more on the Indian lawsuit

First, identifying the lawsuit PDF:

278 pages
17,048,346 / 17048346 bytes / 17MB

I find the fact of the filing at the High Court of Bombay. Given that it was filed a few weeks ago, there is no telling how long it will be before there is more information on the site / docket. Here are the identifying parameters at the court:

Bombay (Criminal)

Stamp No. : 	WPST/18017/2021 	
Filing Date :	23/11/2021
Reg. No. :- 	WP/6159/2021  [added after 12/24 and before 01/14]
Reg. Date :- 	17/12/2021    [same]
Petitioner : KIRAN YADAV
Petn.Adv. : SHIVAM MEHRA    [petitioner advocate / lawyer]
District : PALGHAR 	
Status : Pre-Admission
Category :- WP-For Direction   [same additions as above]
Act : Criminal Procedure Code (Cr.PC), Indian Penal Code (I.P.C)
[above was 2021/12/24; below is what the docket says 2022/01/14, long after close of business in India]
Act :- Constitution of India
Under Section :- 	226
Criminal Procedure Code (Cr.PC)
Indian Penal Code (I.P.C)
Indian Penal Code (I.P.C)

America's Frontline Doctors / Brittany Galvin lawsuit

113 pages
1464083 / 1,464,083 bytes / 1.4 MB

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