2021/03/11 update

The following is probably still useful, but my latest info on the Presidency situation has advanced quite a bit.

Inaugaration Day - 2 updates so far

I'm leaving this earlier to later, so the updates are further below. The first update was around 5:30pm and then almost 11pm.

pre-Inauguration update - 2021 January 14

Today, Jan 14, a retired journalist wrote me about sealed indictments. Last week, a family member asked me about elections plural, and then I got a message from a third person today, "What the hell is going on in the world?" These questions are interrelated, so I suppose it's time for an update.

Today's question was about numbers of indictments and conflicting sources and such. It's a perfectly reasonable question, but I'm hoping the matter will be quite clear in six days (before noon on Jan 20). I'll start with Steve Pieczenik's update from yesterday (Jan 13):

Dr. Steve Pieczenik (MD) was Tom Clancy's co-author and Clancy's source years before he was an explicit co-author. "Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker" in turn under Bush "Sr." (President #41, 1989 - 1993). Pieczenik is a psychiatrist (MD) and psychological warfare expert. On January 13, Pieczenik said on Alex Jones' show that Biden will be arrested before taking office; he also named to be arrested: Pelosi, former VP Cheney, Dr. Fauci, and a few others. These are some of the "big names" on the sealed indictments.

So, regarding the indictments, we may see more and more of them served in the coming days and months. Exact numbers will become very clear.

"What the hell is going on in the world?"

Both in my sealed indictment updates and my Trump endorsement, I discuss Q / QAnon and Steve Pieczenik's connection to Q. We're seeing the culmination of the Q operation versus Big Evil. (Maybe I just coined "Big Evil.") To paraphrase Q and quote Gerard Butler, "It's gonna be Biblical." I also cited some of my sources against Big Evil in my pro-Trump endorsement / essay.

Q / QAnon can refer to several groups, operations, and people. In one sense, QAnon may refer to literally tens of millions of worldwide Q "followers." For my immediate purposes, Q is a faction of the US military. Trump was recruited by the Q "faction" to run for the Presidency so that he could officially sign off on the Q operation as Commander in Chief. Before Trump, Q was considering what some would call a military coup and I would call doing their jobs protecting the country from domestic (and foreign) enemies.

Catherine Austin Fitts refers to her "shriek-o-meter" (SOM). That's her term for media, Democrats, RINOs, general Big Evil, and others' shrieking against Trump and Big Evil's other opponents. Two or three years ago she deemed the SOM to be the loudest she's heard it in her life. Today that's grimly funny. I almost entirely avoid Big (Evil's) Media, but I take it that the SOM is at yet another record high since whatever happened inside the Capitol on January 6.

the 2nd impeachment - I digress a moment

In fact, I didn't even realize until roughly 27 hours later that Trump had been impeached, again. (I was writing about the attempt, and then I thought to look it up.) Damn, the SOM is even higher than I thought. Trump should be honored. A soul has not achieved anything in his many lives until he has set a record for a second impeachment. It only took 232 years of the Constitution for a second impeachment.

"My side's" news sources probably took the impeachment for granted and deem it irrelevant next to the impending arrests, so they didn't even bother to report it.

back to the question: "What the hell is going on in the world?"

I should mention that this all has little to do with Democrat versus Republican per se. The Bushes were as bad or worse than the recent Democrat presidents, and I mostly mean killing millions of people (directly and indirectly) through their wars. (I'll stick to recent history for now rather than going back to Lincoln and his war.)

The shriek-o-meter has been rising from the moment Big Evil realized Trump might win the Republican nomination, if not before. Q has repeated several times something to the effect of "Never interrupt your enemy while she is destroying herself." I use "she" because I'm thinking of Pelosi at the moment. The relevant offshoot branches of the Q team filed more and more sealed indictments to stir Big Evil's pot. Big Evil natters on about Russian collusion, then they impeach Trump (the first time) for allegedly doing something that Biden openly bragged about. When that doesn't work, they declare an average-to-below flu season to be the worst event since the Great Plague of London of 1665. They run a literally demented candidate who conveniently does not have to campaign. Trump attracts 10,000s of supporters despite the alleged "virus"; Biden "attracts" a handful of people with 6 foot circles drawn around their seats. The SOM praises Creepy, Beijing Joe to the heavens, and more or less if not specifically calls Trump the next Hitler.

November 3 election

Of course they "cheated" on November 3. (The word "cheat" is way too mild.) I started to sketch that out and refer you to the relevant sources. The details go in the same category as the number of sealed indictments: hopefully everything will be plain in the coming days and weeks.

The NSA "has it all." They know (almost) exactly what happened on November 3, but "never interrupt your enemy." Let them "cheat." Let them officially commit the crime. Let them deny the cheating with a higher and higher SOM level. Let them "censor" any dissent on the matter. Let demented Joe call for a four month "lockdown." Let them start to make even more and more Democrats question them (voters and perhaps some politicians). Give the courts, state legislators, and then Congress a chance to show that they aren't Big Evil. Neither Trump nor the Q team want to drop the heavy hammer of the military; they would prefer that civil institutions take care of the matter.

But with a few exceptions that don't matter on an institutional level, none of the civil institutions have done anything. Impeaching a President who will supposedly be gone in six days doesn't make much sense on the surface. They know the arrests are coming. "Never interrupt your enemy..." Impeaching Trump *again* is going to raise (more) questions with whatever Democrats remain.

January 5: Georgia's US Senators' run-off "election"

My family member asked me specifically about the January 5 election. Of course they cheated. As for the good guys, one reason they let it happen is that they missed a few details on November 3. Having a better idea of what to look for, they wanted to catch them in the act of a few loose ends.

Inauguration Day (or will it be?)

So back to "What ... is going on[?]," the Q faction knows for a fact that Trump won on November 3--"NSA has it all." The Q operation has been decades in the planning--from 20 years to 57 years, to 246 years, to millenia, depending on whom you ask. They are not going to quit now. I'd put it at 75% that Biden never takes office. (There is one dissenting notion that he does take office but perhaps not for long; I haven't traced that path yet.)

I don't know the exact mechanics of what will happen or not happen Wednesday (January 20). I've heard various scenarios. Trump said that he won't attend the Inauguration; perhaps that's because there won't be one that day. "The Constitution is not a suicide pact." I am not concerned with the exact mechanics. I support Q, and I support Trump (Q+). They can figure out exactly how to drain the swamp.

Inauguration Day update 1 (of 2, so far) - 4:49pm Washington, DC time

I refuse to dig very far into Big Evil Media, so I am assuming No Name Two physically entered the White House. I mention this in part because one of Simon Parkes' sources said days ago that the good guys might play it out to the point of not admitting No Name Two (NN2) to the White House. That is the second latest moment I have heard of.

As for the latest moment, in my original post, just above, I mentioned a "dissenting notion." As best I can tell, that dissenting notion for several days has been that we won't have clarity until this Sunday, January 24. That dissenting notion is from someone using the pen name Juan O Savin. Robert David Steele (RDS) met Savin roughly a week ago, and then met again a few days after that / a few days ago. This is one of the videos addressing Sunday. I believe there is another one from several days earlier. That video is linked from RDS' aggregator plus original works site. I have NOT watched these videos yet because I was hoping they'd never be relevant. As of hours ago, RDS is still going with Sunday. (See update 2 below regarding Sunday.)

Another point that changed roughly two days ago is that Simon Parkes brought up the possibility that there would be an openly military government for at least a number of weeks or a few months. As I said originally, I don't care about the exact mechanics.

If there is a military government, they will prove election fraud beyond any doubt and with many confessions. Now we range into something like 40% my own speculation informed by various chatter from the sources I site further below. Proving that Trump won will make him eligible for a second term, but I am starting to wonder if he will take one or will take it for any length of time. One scenario is that Pence declines a second term, but Trump begins one. Then Trump appoints General Flynn Vice-President. A Senate purged of fraudulently "elected" Senators confirms Flynn, then Trump resigns. (I don't remember the exact procedure. I think it's like a cabinet post and only the Senate gets a vote.)

I maintain that Trump left us with a military that won't let NN2 get very far, so one option is that Trump has done enough and has had enough. He may resume office long enough for some clean up, but perhaps that's all.

This was a good article from roughly two hours ago.

other evidence

Within the last week or so, a number of governments have "fallen" or were tottering last I checked. I realize that "falling" doesn't mean the same thing in a parliamentary system, but it's still very interesting in the course of days.

One of the biggest in my mind is that the traitorous, hateful, genocidal, and very likely demon-worshipping Angela Merkel is FINALLY almost gone. The Dutch government "fell"; at a glance, the cover story seems to be a "child welfare scandal" in the sense of stolen money. It's interesting that "child welfare" is brought up at all. Hopefully the real reason is the rampant pedophilia that many governments have been promoting for somewhere between decades and all of history. The Dutch government is high on the list of pedophile "heavy" governments. The Italian government either fell or was about to. The Kuwaiti and Estonian governments fell. There may be others.

DC National Guard Major General Walker: "transition to military power"

This was posted on PBI in the last hour or so (between 5:15 - 6:15pm). This is not definitive but interesting.

the nuclear football

Another thought on today's events:

Trump took the nuclear "football" to Florida this morning. Is this the first time during the Atomic Age that the outgoing President has not attended the Inauguration? And therefore the first time the football got so far away from the incoming President? (Yes, I realize that there are almost certainly multiple footballs.) Media is claiming that the Football has been transferred, but this lack of attendance and what it may mean for the football is interesting. It's one of several very-rare-to-unprecedented events in the last few days, weeks, months, and years.

Inauguration Day conclusion (part 1)

As of 5:48pm, I am not worried yet. Eventually I will probably figure out what Savin has to say. Parkes and RDS will hopefully have some good updates. Hopefully Steve P will pop up. Even barring any of that, I can only think of a handful of orange lines that would get me worried in the next few days or even longer.

Meanwhile, nothing says we should sit around or ever should have sat around waiting for the fully open "plan."

future work

I am going to try not to update this again, perhaps ever. (famous last words) I once again hope things will be very clear very soon.

Inauguration Day update 2 - 10:30pm Washington, DC time

I just listened to the last 85% of Juan O Savin on Jan 14. (I wasn't paying attention at first, waiting for him to get to what I was listening for.) I realize RDS talked to Savin in person after that, but I'm not sure where RDS came up with clarity by Sunday, based on what Savin said on the 14th. I found Savin very interesting from a right-brain, intuitive perspective. I have a friend who will not find Savin at all convincing; in fact, Savin will just tick him off.

I'm willing to give Sunday up, and I may be willing to wait quite a while for "clarity," meaning No Name 2 and Dr. Fauci and company sent to Gitmo. I still think the best evidence is that Trump left us with a "white hat" military structure (or at least enough of the military and the right people). They'll only let NN2 get so far.

citations of specific quotes

Q / QAnon sources

how old is the Q operation?

other sources

back to sealed indictments

On one hand, the question of exact numbers of sealed indictments seems triply moot; I'll list the three ways below. On the other hand, I comment on numbers below.

I got a PACER account because I got sick and tired of hearing about the sealed indictments. Within a short period after I got the account, I concluded that something very, very unusual was indeed going on. Furthermore, what I saw with my own eyes was that the official court docket matched almost precisely with what "the team" was assembling: "almost" precisely simply because you'll get slightly different results depending on exactly when you look.

The sealed indictments in part went to the credibility of Q / QAnon / the Q team spokesperson. It was Q who got people looking at the Federal court docket for indictments. The indictments added to Q's credibility, but then Q proved over and over and over again that "he" is a highly placed military intelligence officer. One point being that I'm not all that motivated to geek out on numbers because Q proved credible by other means; that's one of the reasons I consider the matter moot.

Also, as I said above, one option is that the indictments start being served any day now. Steve P says so, and there are other indications. So it's moot in that case. In the unlikely event that the child groping, traitorous, demon worshiping, adult-raping and likely baby raper "takes office," I think we can assume the indictments will vanish, so moot there, too.

specific numbers

With all that said, before responding to the retired reporter, I took a look at his numbers. His question was how my research and "the team's" (my term) research squares with some grand total tables published by the Federal courts. To take one set of numbers, "the reporter's" source shows 89,098 filings in '18 and 94,205 in '19. Again, I'm trying not to geek out, so I'll do the best I can quickly and from memory. For my immediate purposes, the rate of sealed cases has been consistently enough 60,000 a year for at least 3 years (November, 2017 through October, 2020). The major finding of the research in question is that an enormous percentage, historically speaking, of the cases were sealed. So I'd say these numbers square just fine. From memory, in several cases if not most or 70% of the queries I made, yes, the percentage of sealed cases was on the order of 60 - 70%.

Please note that if you go digging down into my sealed indictments page, I'm pretty sure I mentioned that no one seemed to be looking at how many of those cases were unsealed, so that is an outstanding question I don't have an answer to. What "the team" and I were looking at is how many cases were still sealed by the end of the month they were filed. We compared this to a study we found on how many cases were ever sealed in 2006, as I remember. That's where I get the figure of 60 - 68 times a normal seal rate.

Looking at this another way, I'll take the 100,825 cases pending at the end of '19. The 5,000 a month was in full swing during November, 2017, so 2 months in '17 + 12 months X 2 years ('18 and '19) = 26 months = roughly 130,000 sealed cases, of which at most 100,825 were still pending at the end of '19. This brings up another question of how long it takes, on average, to close (terminate) a case, so that's an unknown. In other words, if the cases terminated in '18 and '19 were older rather than younger, more sealed cases could remain. Again my / our searches showed that a large portion of Federal criminal felony activty was sealed, so it's entirely possible that 60 or 70,000 cases were still sealed at the end of 2019, or perhaps more, given that unknown.

So my thumbnail conclusion is that perhaps more cases were unsealed and terminated than I might have thought before, but, on the other hand, there are some more numbers we'd need to look at it to be sure of that. It seems likely, though, that 10,000s of cases are still sealed, which is extremely unusual.

the reporter's sources

The reporter sent me to a page with a spreadsheet where I got the numbers just above. He also sent me to a second page, but I didn't look hard at that. It seems to be, off hand, the same data.

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